What to do when Windows 10 support ends? These 5 options will clear your doubts

what to do when windows 10 support ends these 5 options will clear your doubts
what to do when windows 10 support ends these 5 options will clear your doubts

Apparently, Windows 10 has its days numbered after serving more than 1 billion users around the world for almost 10 years. The first thing we recommend is that you record the end date of free support for Windows 10, October 14, 2025 , and then propose the following tips to know what possibilities you have in the event that you cannot migrate to the new system Windows 11 operating system, or you want to continue maintaining the current version.

You’ve probably heard it several times in recent days: your computer is going to run out of updates in less than two years. Microsoft wants you to move to its new operating system at all costs, but the problem is that not everyone wants to or not everyone can, which is why it has set an official deadline.

The latest version of Windows 10 will be 22H2 and, until support ends, all editions will continue to be compatible with security updates. But what happens after that date? When a version of Windows comes to an end, the software continues to work, but the release of updates stops completely. In the event that you do not have the possibility of updating to Windows 11, we are going to describe up to 5 different situations .

Continue with your current operating system

The first option of all is that after Windows 10 stops receiving security patches, you still want to continue with its functions. To tell the truth, it is not one of the best ideas, because you expose all your data due to the lack of privacy and security of the system.


The best thing is that, in these cases, you install a free security agent, such as OPatch , which tries to solve serious problems that Microsoft does not intend to solve by completely ignoring previous versions.

Buy a new computer

Without a doubt, to get rid of problems, the quickest solution is to buy a new PC , but it is not accessible to everyone’s pockets. The North American company is hoping that the user who cannot update their old computer will start buying a new one.

But if your work and entertainment center is going smoothly and you can still take advantage of it, it is quite a complicated task as you have a lot to squeeze out. However, you will always have the fly behind your ear knowing that Windows 10 will not be compatible with upcoming updates.

Change operating system

Another alternative is that you can completely remove all traces of the Windows operating system from your PC and replace it with another one, for example Linux . If you have enough time and basic prior knowledge to know how to do it, it is a good opportunity to explore features from other developers.

However, Linux does not obtain support as attractive and widespread as what Windows can offer. Be that as it may, if you hate the Microsoft interface or no longer want to use it, it is the perfect time to consider the change.

Pay for security updates

If you are still determined to continue with Windows 10, Microsoft gives you the possibility of continuing to receive security updates in exchange for a price . That is, from October 2025, support will continue to work, but it will no longer be free. However, it should be noted that this subscription service will be operational for a maximum of three years.

The cost will depend on the edition of Windows 10 that we have installed, but each year that amount will increase progressively. Although the licenses will not be cheap, during the first year you will have to pay a fee of $61 and it will double two more times until you reach three years.

Upgrade to Windows 11 by bypassing your security wall

In the event that your computer does not update to Windows 11, you are not the only one. Perhaps the famous error “This computer cannot be updated to Windows 11” has appeared on your PC, and this is because it does not have the necessary requirements. The problem is usually that your computer does not come with the TPM chip , which is one of the main conditions that Windows 11 requires in order to start the migration.

The truth is that there is an official way to install Windows 11 distributed by the North American company itself, although it does not recommend it at all, since it would completely abandon the TPM feature.

It’s not the most secure way to do it, but it will help you continue receiving security updates for many years.

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