The dialed number does not exist or is not accessible, what is happening?

the dialed number does not exist or is not accessible, what is happening
the dialed number does not exist or is not accessible, what is happening

It is not the most common thing in the world, but the truth is that it can happen to us that, when trying to call any phone number, we suddenly get a message that tells us “the phone number you are calling does not exist.” As much as it may surprise us, it can happen. And, furthermore, there are several reasons that can lead to this, although it is one of them that gains the most weight in these cases.

There are some cases in which this phrase tells us a message such as “the dialed number is not accessible” , the reasons being quite similar between both cases. We insist that the message may not be the same in all operators, but the substance of it and the possible solutions will apply to practically all telecommunications operators that operate in our country.

What numbers exist in Spain?

First of all, it is worth reviewing the numbers that exist in Spain since, if we dial a rare combination or with a fewer number, the error will be obvious and we will not have to think about it much more. If you give us a telephone number, whether landline or mobile, you will have to comply with the following:

  • Fixed numbers

Geographic numbers can begin with the digits 9 or 8 , with the second digit always being different from 0. They are made up of 9 digits.

  • Mobile numbers

Mobile numbers start with 6 or 7 (only 71, 72, 73 and 74) and have a total of 9 digits. They are the most common numbers due to the rise of this technology as a form of communication.

  • Special numbers

There are a series of telephone numbers that do not have to have 9 digits , but that exist and can be called perfectly without errors. Some of the best known that are used daily are:

  • Free: 800 and 900
  • Not free with regular price: 901 and 902
  • Not free with additional pricing and special remuneration: 803, 806, 807 and 905
  • Personal numbers: 70
  • Emergencies: 112
  • Regional police: 088
  • Firefighters: 085
  • Civil Protection: 1006
  • Health emergencies: 061
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • Local firefighters: 080
  • National Police: 091
  • Local Police: 092
  • Administration: 010, 012, 016, 017 and 060
  • Numbers 118 plus 2 more digits for telephone information.

There are a few more, but these are the most common. If we check them, the call should work without any problem. If not, we will continue reading the article to try to find a solution.

Main reasons why there is no number

For this reason, if you have tried to make a call to a contact in your phonebook and it tells you that it does not exist, it is time to find out what reasons led to this. Although, at first, there will be no need to panic.



Although we think that it is an error, the truth is that if we have made a phone call and we get the message that the dialed number does not exist, the reason will be that a port is being carried out to another operator .

Therefore, we will not have anything to worry about, since it will be something that will be solved in a matter of hours and, at most, in a matter of days. Since we will only have to wait for the portability of the line we have tried to call to be completed. Normally, the exchange process takes one business day , although in some cases it can be two days. Furthermore, in these cases, it is the telephone operator itself that rejects the call from the number you are trying to contact.

It must be taken into account that different operators have a database containing telephone numbers. In it, you come to which exchange and operator you should direct the call to. Therefore, during portability, the call cannot be placed to the correct exchange, resulting in the dialed telephone number not existing. Although, really, that’s not what it’s about at all.

App to block calls

Although operator portability is the main reason why we will miss this message, the truth is that it will not be the only “culprit” that leads us to this same situation. For example, there are different applications that block calls that will allow us to block phone numbers so that it indicates that our number does not exist.

In this way, it is a good way to prevent them from continuing to try to call us from other lines, since they will believe that it does not exist.


Error updating line data

Furthermore, it is also possible that, during portability, when updating the data of each line , it is incorrectly modified, causing this particular failure and, therefore, causing it to be an incident in the line.

More than anything, because there are users who have been able to confirm that they can make calls, but when trying to receive one, it turns out that their number does not exist. If this is your case, you will have to contact your company’s customer service department to resolve it.

Line restriction

There are quite a few messages on the Internet that indicate that they receive this message when calling: “The dialed number is not accessible because the restriction facility is activated . ” Apparently, a problem in the internal configuration of the lines is responsible for normally preventing calls.

To solve it, users only have to contact their operator’s customer service, either by calling or using more convenient means such as official support forums or WhatsApp itself.

Bad settings on the phone

Another possible reason that leads us to this situation could be the smartphone. Basically, because, for some reason, the mobile network on the device is not properly configured.

To solve it, we will have to go to the settings and manually select the network or we also have the option of testing the SIM on a different mobile. Although, it is not usually the most frequent error for which it will tell us that the phone does not exist.

Specific phone numbers

In addition to all the previous points, if you have tried to call back a specific number, especially a landline, but you get this message, it is most likely a call center that restricts incoming calls or, also, a number dedicated to issuing calls that does not actually exist.


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