What is the Quantum-Safe connectivity that Telefónica has launched?

what is the quantum safe connectivity that telefónica has launched
what is the quantum safe connectivity that telefónica has launched

Telefónica has announced the launch of the Quantum-Safe connection for industrial connected devices ( Internet of Things, IoT ). The Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica has done so in collaboration with IDEMIA Secure Transactions and Quisde and promises to pave “the way for advances in quantum computing for IoT devices. But… what does this mean?

Quantum-Safe technology is a cryptographic protocol that allows new security and resistance standards to be added to IoT products without the need for hardware changes. This Telefónica initiative will be introduced in Quantum-Safe and Transport Layer Security (TLS) SIM cards and guarantees more secure connectivity and more efficient calculation .

«Following advances in quantum computing, Internet of Things devices are facing unprecedented security challenges that require the development of quantum-resistant security measures tailored to the unique limitations and requirements of IoT deployments. IoT,” explains Telefónica in a press release. That’s exactly what they want to achieve with the Quantum-Safe connection.

Quantum-Safe, a technology that anticipates the future

The alliance of Telefónico, IDEMIA Secure Transactions and Quside in the project guarantees solutions that will be particularly useful, not only today, but in the future. According to them, Quantum-Safe technology will be the first step for industrial companies to offer secure connections between connected devices. even in the long term. It will be especially useful for those with long-lasting devices (more than 15 years).

The security and resistance standards established in IoT ecosystems without the need to change hardware. In this way, Telefónica promises that both the infrastructure of the devices and the data they store will be protected against quantum attacks .

Best of all, the collaboration not only addresses today’s security challenges. The telecommunications company has explained that its alliance with IDEMIA Secure Transactions and Quside also ” anticipates future threats , ensuring the long-term protection of IoT devices.”

Telefónica predicts that, with its innovation, they will be able to offer new quantum-safe cryptographic services aimed at IoT developers. They will do so through the GSMA Open Gateway platform whose objective is to transform networks into open platforms.

Other collaborations that address quantum

The commitment of Telefónica, IDEMIA Secure Transactions and Quside to enter the quantum sector goes beyond protection with Quantum-Safe. In the press release, the operator emphasizes that the alliance is committed “to innovation and leadership in post-quantum technology.”

According to the Telefónica note, post-quantum is the term used to refer to “the next revolution that is coming in the communications and data industry.” Therefore, beyond the Quantm-Safe connection, they are also working on providing interesting quantum technology.

For example, the Quantum-Safe 5G SIM card project between Telefónica and IDEMIA (2022) stands out. As detailed at the time, it was a pioneering solution with which they sought to protect user communications in the face of the imminent arrival of quantum programming.

It is also worth remembering the collaboration between the operator and IDEMIA in 2021 for the use of biometrics for contactless access control . In this case, terminals with biometric technology allowed you to enter using your fingerprints without having to press the screen with your finger.

Telefónica and its partners, pioneers in quantum security

With the Quantum-Safe connection and the rest of the projects mentioned, the Spanish telecommunications provider and its allies prove to be pioneers in quantum security. In the press release, Telefónica mentions that the technology of this type that currently exists is scarce and has “unlimited” potential that they are willing to explore.

Antonio Guzmán, director of Discovery at Telefónica Innovación Digital, believes that the company is trying to understand the future “to transform it into reality”: “These quantum security developments will allow Telefónica and its customers to benefit from greater security with a simpler deployment” .

In addition, Guzmán specifies that end users will also benefit from this bet. As mentioned in the statement, they will have “the guarantee of uninterrupted services and protection against advanced cyber threats throughout the useful life of the device.”

For his part, Fabien Jautard, EVP of Connectivity Services at IDEMIA, assures that the firm has been demonstrating its commitment for years “to the creation of quantum-resistant technologies that safeguard society in the post-quantum world.”

On Quisde’s side, we have the testimony of CEO and co-founder Carlos Abellán, who is “delighted” to work in this alliance. “This pioneering effort reflects our joint dedication and commitment to bringing greater security to all connected devices , including industrial IoT, in the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography,” he concludes.


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