These are the changes you will notice in SkyShowtime starting today if you have its plan with ads

these are the changes you will notice in skyshowtime starting today if you have its plan with ads
these are the changes you will notice in skyshowtime starting today if you have its plan with ads

Starting today, April 23, SkyShowtime launches new plans with other prices for its streaming platform. And it does so with different changes that users will be able to notice now. So that it doesn’t catch you by surprise, here we tell you what are the most important changes that you will begin to notice if you decide to view this platform with ads to pay as little as possible.

Being subscribed to one SkyShowtime plan or another has different advantages. And, as happens on other platforms, this service offers different features for each of its plans, starting with the price. You are not going to pay the same for the subscription with advertising as for the one without ads, that is clear. However, it will not be the only change that you will be able to notice among the alternatives that you can hire on this platform.

What changes from one plan to another

There are changes, and this is a reality. The plan with ads has a series of limits, so, if you want to pay less every month, these are the changes you will have to live with on this streaming platform, starting with its price: you will pay 4, 99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year. You would pay one euro less than right now or up to 7 euros less per year, but with the following limitations:

  • Downloads are not allowed with the Standard plan with advertising . That is, users are not given the option to download movies, chapters, etc., to play them later without an Internet connection.
  • It only allows you to view the contents on a single screen. So there is no simultaneous playback on more than one device.
  • 4 or 5 minutes of ads for every 60 minutes of playback.

On the other hand, if you are subscribed to the Standard Plus plan (7.99 euros per month or 62.99 euros per year) you can download up to 30 movies or chapters per month. Without forgetting that you will be able to see the content you want on two screens at the same time without problems. However, the quality of the content does not change. In both plans , Full HD quality is maintained .

So even if there are changes that affect the rest of the advantages that users enjoyed for 5.99 euros per month, or even less, the image resolution of the content will remain the same. And keep in mind that whether you were a subscriber or if you subscribe starting today, you will experience this series of new features in the streaming service.

50% discount on SkyShowtime

Now, what happens to subscribers with SkyShowtime’s 50% discount ? Nothing is going to happen, it remains. However, there is a change that will be noticed in the monthly cost. And the thing is, those users who enjoy this special promotion launched by the platform for its premiere in Spain, will have to pay for the Standard Plus. So instead of paying €2.99 per month, they will pay €3.99 . That is, one euro more every month. It is not something they can choose, but the streaming platform will default all these subscribers to this standard ad-free plan.

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