This is how the time looks using artificial intelligence on the lock screen of Samsung phones

this is how the time looks using artificial intelligence on the lock screen of samsung phones
this is how the time looks using artificial intelligence on the lock screen of samsung phones

Samsung has an experimental function that allows you to know the time by looking at the lock screen, for which it uses artificial intelligence.

When Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series s earlier this year, the big bet was not on the hardware, but on the software they included. Artificial intelligence was at the heart of many of the new features. Most of them were widely advertised, such as Circle To Search , which is now beginning to reach Google mobile phones, but others were quite hidden.

One of them is a function that allows the mobile lock screen to show the weather in the area we are in without having to choose a specific wallpaper. What the AI ​​does is create a graphic layer that modifies the aesthetics of the background in question. In our example we have used a photograph that we took in San Francisco just on the trip to present these mobiles.

Normally it appears as we have put it, but when there are specific weather events outside, for example rain, the interface updates and shows that rain on the lock screen. The same thing happens with other cases, such as snow.

How to activate weather AI

To activate this function you have to go to the mobile Settings , then Advanced Functions and there activate a function called Photo Environment Background . The system itself explains what it is, and what type of photos work better than others. For example, it is better to post photos of the exterior than the interior. Furthermore, the representation of weather events is not always instantaneous.

To choose for this function to be displayed in addition to this setting, you must go to the Wallpapers option , which can be accessed by leaving the screen pressed on an empty area of ​​the desktop, and then selecting Wallpaper and style . A new function will have appeared in Change wallpaper.

It’s called Photo Environment and you have to enter it to select the specific image you want to use as your lock screen background. When selected, you can customize the lock screen like any other image, and when you put it on, everything will be active.

Now all you have to do is keep an eye on it to see if it updates when there are specific weather events, such as rain or snow. Samsung itself indicates that there are currently only a few present , although it does not specify which ones. It is to be hoped that little by little this function will even be able to show the ambient light, whether the day is cloudy or not, whether it is dusk or sunset, etc. Of course, this feature is only available on models that have Samsung Galaxy AI .


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