AliExpress makes a crazy discount on an Anbernic console with more than 5000 games

aliexpress makes a crazy discount on an anbernic console with more than 5000 games
aliexpress makes a crazy discount on an anbernic console with more than 5000 games

One of the most outstanding mini console models on the retro market is enjoying a very good discount on AliExpress . With it you will have access to more than 5,000 games that are already loaded in memory and that will allow you to have a great time from the first moment, both reliving old times and discovering all kinds of gaming proposals.

Although you would surely like to have it in your pocket right now, the Anbernic RG35XX Plus retro console is a very good purchase at any time of the year. Right now it is available with a 67% discount in the official store that the manufacturer has within AliExpress, from where it guarantees very fast shipping so that you can have it at home in the shortest time possible.

Classic design, modern power

Although there are several models from which you can choose the console, one of them, the most striking, is the one that presents it as if it were an evolved version of the classic Game Boy. It maintains all the classic essence and retro style, but wraps it in a console that is loaded with powerful features and components that have nothing to envy of the best current hardware. Hence, although it may seem classic, it is actually one of the most powerful machines that can be found within its category.

The games that are included are more than 5,000 and the best of all is that the list and selection has been curated so that it is not an accumulation of repeated games that go nowhere. We have been able to test one that we are getting a lot out of and we can assure you that the selection of titles provided is really good . In addition, all the games are organized with screenshots and a correct order that is divided depending on the emulator they work with. This means that, from the moment you turn on the console, you can have a great time.

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Its operating system is Linux, which provides a lot of play and stability. In addition, it has other components to highlight, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This implies several things, such as that you will be able to play multiplayer with other people who have the same console or even connect online. It has a fully loaded 64GB memory, but you can put additional cards of up to 512 GB so that you do not suffer any type of space limit.

Quality screen and more

When you use it you will see that all the components stand out and provide good performance. In this type of product we are very demanding and we can assure you that the included crosshead, as well as the buttons, are all made with quality and highly durable parts. Games react well to keystrokes without lag or other problems, while the 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels is ideal for many types of games. Finally, keep in mind that the console allows you to connect it to a television via HDMI so that you can play on the big screen. A marvel.

The discount that AliExpress is giving on the console is 67%, going from having a maximum cost that has reached 190.68 euros to a reduced price of only 62.81 euros . At this price there is no doubt that there are few better opportunities than this to get your hands on a console that has come to please some of the most demanding gamers. At the moment, the store has already sold more than 3,000 units and it can be confirmed that this is an option with no margin for error. If you like video games and, above all, the classics, as well as arcades, it will be a highly recommended console.

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If you want to spend a little less and don’t mind that the machine is not as powerful and efficient as this one, the previous model is also a very good option. This is the Anbernic RG35XX updated to its latest version and with a 63% discount also on AliExpress . In case you were thinking of something more powerful and with more inches, the model that will give you what you need is the Anbernic RG556 , which is a real beast with an AMOLED screen .