Follow a match using touch with Touch2See

follow a match using touch with touch2see
follow a match using touch with touch2see

The touchscreen tablet developed by the start-up Touch2See reproduces matches on a miniature sports field, via vibrations and haptic feedback for spectators with visual disabilities.

According to the WHO , 253 million people have visual impairment worldwide. A figure which is expected to double by 2050. In France, 1.7 million suffer from a vision problem, including 207,000 blind people. However, only 10% of Internet sites are accessible to them while 80% of them use a computer. In sport , barely 3% of stadiums are audio described and accessible to the visually impaired. A distressing situation to which technology can now partially remedy, for example with Touch2See which revolutionizes the experience of visually impaired spectators with a tablet to follow the progress of a match using touch.

A sensory and immersive experience thanks to artificial intelligence

The solution designed by theToulouse transmits in real time data captured by cameras located in the stadium and converts it using artificial intelligence into a sensory and immersive experience. The touchscreen tablet then reproduces on a miniature sports field the movements of the players with the ball , passes and shots, viaand haptic feedback that the user perceives when touched. The experience is enriched with an automatically generated audio description which provides information on the names of the players in action, playing time, score and even fouls.

Around fifteen sports concerned

Developed thanks to the support and investment of four international groups ( Orange ,  Intel ,  Ericsson and the  CEA ), the solution has been tested since January 2023 during Ligue 1 matches at the Toulouse Stadium and at Orange. Marseille Velodrome. Currently developed for football, it will subsequently be available for around fifteen other sporting events such as tennis, rugby, and basketball. The start-up was also the winner of the Orange Eventech Challenge for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 and should be officially brought into the stadiums by the Paris 2024 organizing committee!

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