Vodafone brings its fast fiber to more provinces

vodafone brings its fast fiber to more provinces
vodafone brings its fast fiber to more provinces

Vodafone continues to deploy its fast fiber to expand its network coverage throughout the country. On this occasion, the deployment has been carried out in several municipalities in Spain. From Castilla y León, Castilla La-Mancha to Andalusia. Therefore, there are several provinces in which the fiber coverage of the red operator has been expanded.

The red operator’s strategy is aimed at expanding the coverage of its fiber optics. Hence, in recent weeks it has focused on continuing to deploy its fiber coverage in different municipalities in a few Spanish provinces. Thus, you can see how these latest deployments add up to a good number of real estate units.

More fast fiber in more Spanish municipalities

There are several provinces in which, in recent weeks, the British operator with a subsidiary in Spain has decided to bring its fast fiber optics. Starting with the 89 municipalities of Aragon , 21 of them in the province of Huesca. In any case, this deployment, for example, involves up to 23,000 new real estate units in which they will be able to contract Vodafone’s 1 Gbps fiber . It must be taken into account that if we break down this figure, we can see how the operator has added 4,852 real estate units in the province of Huesca, 8,727 in the municipalities of Teruel and the remaining one in the province of Zaragoza.

On the other hand, the operator’s network has also been expanded throughout Castilla y León , in a total of 60 municipalities . For example, fiber of up to 1 Gbps has been deployed in more than 3,000 homes in the province of Palencia, more than 1,000 new real estate units in León and up to 3,617 in Ávila. In addition to the 2,407 new units that will also have the possibility of enjoying this fiber in the province of Salamanca; 1,128 in Zamora, 1,037 in Segovia, 722 in Soria, 764 in Valladolid and 295 in Burgos.

And also, in addition to the two previous communities, Castilla La-Mancha is included in the list of areas of Spain in which Vodafone continues to deploy fiber. In the case of this community, the fiber footprint reaches more than 4,500 new real estate units in Albacete, more than 800 in Ciudad Real, 3,211 in Cuenca; in addition to 3,061 in Guadalajara and 1,056 in Toledo.

To these provinces and communities, we must add that Vodafone Spain is also expanding its fiber optic coverage in up to 13 municipalities of Córdoba, within the group of 116 locations throughout Andalusia, a deployment with which they have managed to add almost 27,000 new real estate units in which will have the opportunity to contract 1 Gbps fiber . It must be taken into account that it has also been deployed in more municipalities in the rest of its provinces such as Seville, Jaén, Huelva, Cádiz…

5G deployment in Andalusia and Aragon

In addition to expanding its fiber optic coverage, the truth is that it has also decided to expand its 5G mobile network. For example, one of the first communities involved in 5G deployment is Aragón , as it is expected to reach 30 new municipalities by the end of this year.

Just as this fifth generation mobile coverage in Andalusia will also be improved . It is believed that by the end of 2024, 182 new Andalusian municipalities can be reached, which will be able to enjoy the 5G network under the 700 MHz frequency band. And it must be taken into account that these are added to the 174 municipalities that already enjoy of this mobile network since last year.


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