With more than 1,000 reviews, this Smart TV with Android is a safe bet: and with this offer, even more

with more than 1,000 reviews, this smart tv with android is a safe bet and with this offer, even more
with more than 1,000 reviews, this smart tv with android is a safe bet and with this offer, even more

Who said that buying a Smart TV involved having to shell out a large amount of euros? This offer from Amazon allows us to get one of the best-rated smart televisions at a ridiculous price. We tell you all the details.

Amazon has a wide range of offers in the Smart TV category, but not all of them are as attractive as the one we bring you today. It is a 40-inch Smart TV with Android 11 and voice control, in addition to many other features, whose official price is 299 euros. However, today the e-commerce giant has just reduced it by 23%, bringing its price down to 229 euros . A unique opportunity to get one of the most complete televisions that we can find on the market. We tell you all the details.

40 inch td system with chromecast

One of the best rated

Amazon allows us to know the opinions of other users who have previously purchased the Smart TV to have a first-hand opinion on the performance of the device in question. In this case, with more than 1,300 reviews and a score of 4.3 out of 5, it is one of the best-rated smart televisions on the market.

With a 40-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080, it offers us everything we need to be able to access our favorite content with the best image quality. In addition, it has sound technologies such as Dolby Digital Plus, ensuring an excellent user experience at all times. 

In addition, it has Android 11 as an integrated operating system. So we will be able to download all the available apps in which we are interested to, in the end, be able to consume our favorite series and movies. In addition, it is important to highlight that it has an integrated Chromecast. We will be able to transfer any content that we can access from our smartphone to our Smart TV with just a gesture. There is no more convenient option to take advantage of all the multimedia opportunities it offers us.

Hey Google

Can you imagine being able to control your Smart TV with your voice? With this TD Systems you will be able to do it without having to add any third-party application. We find the sector at its command: it not only has direct access to Netflix and YouTube, so that we can open our favorite streaming platforms with the push of a button. But, in addition, we can also invoke the Google Assistant using only the “Hey Google” command.

Furthermore, another of the aspects that stands out the most is everything that has to do with connectivity. In this case, it has 3 HDMI ports , 2 USB ports, WiFi and Bluetooth. Making the most of all the options it offers us and connecting all our devices to it has never been so simple.

As we have already anticipated, this television not only stands out for the large number of features and technology it offers us. But, in addition, it also attracts attention due to the price that we can currently find it on Amazon. Thanks to the 23% discount that Amazon has added today, this 40-inch Smart TV from TD Systems can be ours for 229 euros , compared to the 299 euros RRP it usually has. Don’t miss a unique opportunity like this!

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