These are the new free Sony channels that premiere on your Samsung Smart TV

these are the new free sony channels that premiere on your samsung smart tv
these are the new free sony channels that premiere on your samsung smart tv

At the end of March, almost a month, an agreement was announced with which Samsung Smart TVs would receive more than 50 new free channels from Sony. Well, after a long wait, users with a smart TV from the South Korean brand finally receive new dials completely free.

New free channels for Samsung TVs. It is already a reality that users are beginning to enjoy Sony’s FAST channels , completely free dials with which all types of content and productions will be added for all tastes. And all thanks to Sony One, the new philosophy of this brand with which it aims to focus on offering entertainment with the highest possible quality to users.

Sony FAST channels

The Sony company announced the launch of a good repertoire of streaming TV channels with up to more than 50 dials throughout Europe. And among the brands favored by this launch, Samsung has been one of the great beneficiaries, in addition to LG Smart TVs. In any case, if you have a Samsung smart TV at home, from now on, the truth is that you will be able to enjoy more online content without paying a single euro for these FAST channels.

It is expected that there will be around 54 free television channels with advertising that will begin to be broadcast on services such as Samsung TV Plus, a free platform for users of a Samsung Smart TV, or also LG Channels. Although, it must be taken into account that not all of the firm’s Smart TVs will receive this large number of channels. Initially, they are available for all Smart TV models from 2017 onwards . So if your TV is within those years, you will not have any problems watching these new FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) channels.

And they are not only available in Spain, but also in other European countries. For example, they have just landed in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. So if you are in one of these countries with a Samsung Smart TV, you will also have access to these free Sony dials .

What channels can be seen

However, considering the issue of rights, the same Sony One channels may not be released in all countries. So the catalog may vary depending on where you live. In this case, in Spain you can use these free channels:

  • Sony One Thriller : channel dedicated to thrillers.
  • Sony One Faves : content with some of the best classics.
  • Sony One Comedy HITS – Featuring some of the most successful classic comedies.
  • Sony One Action HITS – is exclusive to action and adventure movies.
  • Sony One Comedy : channel specializing in comedy.
  • Sony One Shark Tank : a dial for the most successful reality shows in the world.
  • Sony One Blacklist : a channel dedicated solely to crime and thriller series.

So, once you access Samsung’s free TV service, you will be able to watch the content, both series and movies , through these completely free dials.


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