Robot Vacuum Cleaner that wants you to forget about the Roomba

robot vacuum cleaner that wants you to forget about the roomba
robot vacuum cleaner that wants you to forget about the roomba

Anker’s domestic subsidiary, eufy, has presented its new high-end vacuum cleaner in Spain, the eufy X10 Pro Omni with advanced charging base.

For years there has been speculation that robots will improve enough to do certain tasks in our daily lives. Without going into how robotics are changing how factories operate , it is true that a particular type of robot has taken over our homes, with permission from the kitchen robot. We are referring to smart vacuum cleaners .

The brand that popularized this type of device was Roomba, but then many have emerged that have managed to carve out a niche for themselves with equally useful functions but with more affordable prices , even among the high-end models. A good example is eufy, the home subsidiary of Anker , of which we have analyzed products such as security cameras .

Today’s device is different. This is the eufy X10 Pro Omni , a high-end smart vacuum cleaner with a charging base capable of operating without physical intervention from a person. Of course, we are talking about a top-notch product, and its price attests to this. The  799 euros it costs may seem like a lot, but it is much lower than proposals like the Roomba, which costs twice as much .

Simple and compact design

Smart vacuum cleaners have a specific design because it is determined by their function, and that is non-negotiable. All in all, this model has a somewhat peculiar shape as it is not completely round, having the circular part in the rear area, which is what attaches to the charging base. A weak point is that the height of the vacuum cleaner is greater than that of other models , and there are places in my house where it cannot be placed, such as under the sofa or on the bottom edge of the kitchen furniture.

It has several sensors, such as the Lidar on the top piece for navigation and sensors for detecting stairs, carpets and more to be able to locate yourself in the house at all times. On the front is the camera, which is what captures the images for the AI. As in other vacuum cleaners, at the top we have the lid to remove the dust container (although it will not be used much) and at the bottom there is a round brush on one side and the central one in the shape of a cylinder.

The charging base has three modules at the top that allow you to change the water and dust container and an interior area with two pieces that are removable. One is a small ramp for the vacuum and another is a piece to make it easier to clean the bottom of the charging base.

Impressive charging base

One of the most important elements of this vacuum cleaner is not in the vacuum cleaner itself, but in the charging base. This model has three independent tanks that allow you to avoid having to empty or refill the vacuum cleaner every time it is used. On the left side there are two water tanks, one with clean water and the other with the residual water left after cleaning.

Additionally, on the right side there is a bag similar to that of old handheld vacuum cleaners. That’s where dirt accumulates when the vacuum goes to the charging base and empties the compartments where it stores dirt while cleaning. Obviously, this compartment can also be emptied manually , as in any other model.

This base is also capable of cleaning the vacuum cleaner mops, as well as drying them using a light stream of air. Every two weeks it is convenient to move and clean them manually, but it is not necessary to do it daily.

A very fine cleaning

The mopping power of this vacuum cleaner is on par with other high-end vacuum cleaners on the market. The up to 8000 Pa that it is capable of developing ensure effective cleaning in a single pass. But if it is not enough, you can modify the power to clean more deeply.

Artificial intelligence is another advantage of this model. Thanks to real-time scene recognition, it is capable of analyzing up to 100 different types of elements and avoiding them if it sees fit. For example, it can surround shoes, or if there are pets in the house, their excrement. Yes, in theory they shouldn’t be on the living room floor, but the only thing worse than that is that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t recognize it and ends up going over it.

This is done using the camera that the device has, which is responsible for capturing the images so that the AI ​​system processes them. But unlike other vacuum cleaners with a camera , navigation is not done through it, but through the Lidar module on top, which makes the positioning speed and spatial scanning much more precise. If a cleaning task is carried out in low light, the vacuum cleaner turns on an LED so that the camera’s view is not impaired. There is an inconvenience that they have not yet completely corrected but that they have improved. We are referring to the problem of hair getting tangled in the suction area. However, this is something that happens to literally all the models we have tested. All in all, it happens less than in other models due to a system that includes eufy and that is capable of minimizing these tangles, although it does not completely avoid them.

scrubbing very well

The tests we have carried out have been on ceramic floors, not on wood or carpeted floors. But this vacuum cleaner has a sensor that knows if it is on a hard floor or on a carpet or rug, so as not to wet it with the two pentagonal-shaped mops it includes. The system is called MopMaster 2.0.

These mops are capable of applying a pressure of almost 1 kg to the floor , so cleaning small stains on the floor, even if they are not recent, is possible. This is one of the functions that has caught our attention the most, because that power combined with the camera and artificial intelligence make it very easy to keep the house not only swept, but also mopped.


One of the small features where you can tell that this vacuum cleaner is high-end is in the creation of maps. Unlike other simpler ones, there is an option so that, in just a few minutes, a map can be created after a brief walk around the house. In that first trip the vacuum cleaner does not clean or scrub as it only creates the map. Once we have done that on a floor it is possible to create another plan of another floor, and we will simply have to physically move it and tell the application which floor it is on so that it continues cleaning .

As expected, the eufy clean application has a function designed for voice assistants, so it is possible to link the vacuum cleaner with both Alexa and the Google assistant . From the application you can customize a daily cleaning, or choose which rooms to clean manually.

In the cleaning plan, it locates the different elements that the artificial intelligence detects, marking them as icons and saying what they are and what percentage of success they have. In our analysis he has correctly detected cables, slippers, cubes and the feet of certain lamps, which he calls Base, because it is the base of the lamp that he sees.

It is also possible to edit the rooms from the application, rename them or divide them if the first scan was not precise enough. You can also set exclusion zones, so that the vacuum cleaner does not try to enter depending on which parts of the house. All cleanings can be personalized, so that it scrubs, vacuums, both, does it with greater or lesser power, etc. It is even possible to activate a corner scrubbing zone that slows down cleaning with water but makes it more effective at the same time .

I buy it?

The price of this vacuum cleaner is not low. The 799 euros it costs may seem excessive, but we must keep in mind that it competes with alternatives that can cost twice as much . This makes it a high-end product, without nuances, with a high price, not suitable for all budgets. There are things that could be improved, such as a more stylized design or if the vacuum cleaner voices were in Spanish.

Of course, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner in this category, that works well, that is reliable and, above all, that makes our daily lives more comfortable, the eufy X10 Pro Omni is an alternative to take into account , above all because eufy, a brand of the Anker group, is not an unknown company.

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