Windows 11 performance is being a problem for Microsoft: even for its own former workers

windows 11 performance is being a problem for microsoft even for its own former workers
windows 11 performance is being a problem for microsoft even for its own former workers

Microsoft is current. To the imminent end of support for Windows 10, which has garnered great criticism among its community, is added the performance problems detected in Windows 11. Which have even unleashed criticism from former members of the company who worked on it. development and who do not understand the current state of the operating system.

Although Microsoft continues to add new features and features to Windows 11 to adapt its operation to the needs of its consumers, the performance of the operating system continues to be a problem for many of them. So much so, that recently Andy Young , a former company engineer who became part of the development team for this version of the system, has called the performance offered by some of its most basic features “ comically bad .” Demonstrating, as proof, the poor performance experienced when accessing the main menu.

A very slow system

Andy Young has used the speaker provided by his X account , former Twitter, to make visible some of the problems he encounters in his daily life when trying to access certain functions of the operating system. One of the examples that he exposes, as we have already anticipated, is the start menu. Despite having a computer with specifications that should be more than enough to run the operating system with ease, this former Microsoft employee makes visible in a video the problems he has to deal with to be able to access the functions he is looking for. .


The problem reaches a new dimension if we take into account that the start menu is one of the easiest parts to execute, since its menus should be preloaded. So the response of the operating system should be instantaneous, very far from the reality we encounter today.


This software engineer also takes the opportunity to state that he does not hate Windows, quite the opposite. However, it is also aware that if there are a significant number of users unhappy with the performance it is currently offering, it probably means that there is a lot of work to be done to reach the standards that the community demands and that Microsoft should be obliged to provide.

Future solutions

Microsoft accustoms its users to, once its operating system is launched, periodically including new updates that allow it to correct operating problems that may be compromising the experience of its users. However, it seems that with Microsoft 11 they have not yet found the definitive key and the system continues to receive criticism from its community regarding its operation.

As stated by the Neowin portal , it is likely that one of the reasons that allow us to understand these performance problems has to do with the advertisements and promotions that we can find in Windows 11 in the Recommended section in recent months. Which, with all probability, consume system resources that, far from being dedicated to offering an optimization of the system itself, hamper it when executing certain tasks that should be considered basic.


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