Movistar Plus+ will fill the month of May with these international series that you cannot miss

movistar plus+ will fill the month of may with these international series that you cannot miss
movistar plus+ will fill the month of may with these international series that you cannot miss

A week and a half before the start of a new month, Movistar Plus+ has already launched to announce which will be the next series that will be part of its new catalog starting in May. A string of content for all tastes and that more than one will surely get hooked. Below, we share with you all the premieres of international series that will land in May for all subscribers of the platform.

Movistar Plus+ users are in luck, and it is not only a space where Spanish films and series are offered, but it also accommodates other productions to reach a wider audience and for those users looking for other types of experiences in recordings outside the country.

From mystery and action series that will captivate you to stories based on real events that will chill your blood, a whole collection of titles that will be present in the month of May and that you can enjoy whether you are a customer of the telephone company or if you you find in another operator.

The series that arrive in May on Movistar Plus+

On the one hand, for fans of horror, intrigue and suspense novels, the first adaptation in series format of the book saga by the famous British writer Agatha Christie comes to the big screen, under the title Agatha Christie: Killing is Easy . After a long list of deaths in the English town of Wychwood, Nigerian Luke Fitzwilliam will take charge of these suspicious events that apparently are mere accidents. This series will arrive on May 8.

Next, Killing It , an American comedy that deals with issues such as social class and capitalism, premieres on May 11. In this crazy series, which comes with a double episode, we will be participants in a snake hunting contest in which a citizen signs up to become a successful businessman with the aim of making his American dream come true.

Season 2 of Blue Lights is the next addition to the streaming platform, whose availability is confirmed for May 15. This fast-paced police series returns in style with its second part with its three protagonists from the British police brigade at the helm. Here we will see new cases and conflicts after a year has passed since the fall of the McIntyre criminal gang, but new threats are looming.

Consequently, we come across Mr. Bates against the Post Office , which will arrive on May 21. This miniseries based on real events tells about the famous scandal of the British Post Office, which involved a fateful error of justice by unjustly condemning hundreds of honest citizens due to a faulty computer system.

The Sambre case immerses us in a true story that narrates the disturbing actions of the most feared predator in the history of France. On May 27, Movistar Plus+ users will participate in a series of assaults on dozens of women from the first case in 1988 until 30 years later, a period in which justice will be done.

Finally, The Capture will liven up your afternoons with its two full seasons starting May 31. A British soldier is accused of a crime he did not commit. His innocence promotes his freedom, but some time later the case is reopened for a crime that will leave its mark.

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