Neither Movistar nor DAZN, this will be the platform that will broadcast the 2025 Club World Cup

neither movistar nor dazn, this will be the platform that will broadcast the 2025 club world cup
neither movistar nor dazn, this will be the platform that will broadcast the 2025 club world cup

Streaming platforms are crazy about putting football among their content. And if there are no more rights available, the solution is to create new competitions. The new Club World Cup , which has been making headlines for months, now has a platform where it can be seen. It is surprising, because it will not be DAZN, nor will it be Movistar.

In the streaming sector, right now, it seems that the platforms want to grab the best lifeline they have access to: sport. And, especially, football. Because the beautiful sport is being the objective of all services as this news shows. In this case, the rights to the new Club World Cup are valued at billions of dollars for which it is already known who is going to pay.

The plan for the survival of Apple TV+

Right now the apple streaming platform is by no means the most popular. It survives because Apple has hope in it as a long-term plan. And also because they have recently seen that, thanks to football, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is the reason why the broadcast of North American MLS matches, in which Messi’s Inter Miami is located, is having such success among the service’s subscribers.

Therefore, Apple wants more football. And it has already been mentioned that it will be the platform that, barring a surprise or dramatic last-minute change, will retain the rights to the Club World Cup . On the table is a budget of 1 billion dollars, which, however, experts say is an estimate much lower than reality. Because if Apple insists on taking the competition to Apple TV+, it is possible that, in the end, it will have to be willing to pay up to $4 billion. Big words.

The competition of the greatest

This new Club World Cup is going to be another way of bringing together the best teams in the world in a tournament that will follow in the footsteps of the Champions League, but without any type of border limit. Therefore, we could see some really interesting moments with the reunion of players and rivals that many years ago, due to team changes, did not coincide on the pitch. Not in vain, what fans want is to put Messi ahead of teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The tournament will be held in the summer of 2025 in the United States and will host, according to FIFA forecasts, a group of leading teams in their respective countries. From Europe we will find 12 different clubs and, obviously, there will be several that will represent LaLiga EA Sports. The forecast is that the first match will begin on June 15 and will progressively extend until July 13.

For the teams it will be a way to increase the tension and pace of play in the summer at a time when training sessions and friendlies are the norm. However, it is obvious that it will involve additional effort and a workload that, we assume, will encourage coaches to use unusual elevens that allow minutes to be given to players who are usually in the background. In any case, we will have to see how this competition matures, since if it gains a lot of fame it will be obvious that all the clubs will want to end up taking the trophy home.

Although the entry on the scene of Apple TV+ as an exclusive streaming platform to broadcast matches is more than assured, there is one doubt that still remains in the air. It is about whether there will be the possibility that the DTT channels can access some of the matches for free. For now it has not been ruled out and FIFA knows well that this would be an excellent way to publicize the competition. Perhaps several matches would be broadcast open-air and then Apple TV+ would take the opportunity to launch a promotion to watch the final through its service. This is a good letter from Apple TV+ which, with this move, follows the path of other platforms, such as Disney+, which recently acquired football rights for several competitions abroad.

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