Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 21H2 support ends in June

microsoft confirms that windows 10 21h2 support ends in june.jpg
microsoft confirms that windows 10 21h2 support ends in june.jpg

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The clock is ticking for many Windows 10 users, who they are going to be left without support in the coming months in view of the decisions made by Microsoft. On this occasion, the company announces that, starting in June, there will be no more updates of any kind for those who use one of the editions with version 21H2.

These are not good times for those people who They have not yet made the jump to Windows 11. As much as Microsoft continues to push, there are compelling reasons to still be on Windows 10, such as having a computer that does not have the minimum requirements to update. Now the final end of support for more teams is approaching.

These versions come to an end

By turning off the tap on computers that are using Windows 10 21H2, which was the update released in November 2021, what Microsoft is doing is say goodbye to various versions of the system operational. In this way, the following versions will be left without support: Education and Enterprise that had not yet stopped receiving updates: Windows 10 Education version 21H2, Windows 10 Enterprise multisession version 21H2, Windows 10 Enterprise version 21H2 and, finally, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version 21H2.

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Microsoft had actually expanded the life of these editions taking into account that other versions of Windows 10 21H2 they had already become obsolete in June 2023. That was the case of the Home, Pro or Pro Education editions, among others. Therefore, it was seen coming, although that does not mean it has any less relevance as is being verified on the Internet. After all, everything related to the end of Windows 10 is being really delicate.

What does this mean?

The most important and critical thing is that having a computer with these versions of Windows will mean that you are using a computer that has been “abandoned” by Microsoft. You will not receive any updates content, news, corrections or any other type of element. For the Windows company, you could say that these versions cease to exist. And that means that, practically instantly, you become the number one target of hackers or cybercriminals who can hunt you because they know that your computer is unprotected against new threats or problems.

The June day that has been chosen for this final farewell is the 11th, at which time it is recommended that those who have the opportunity update. Microsoft recommends at least two options. One of them is, of course, updating to Windows 11. This is what the company wants users to do immediately so that the greatest number of people can stay up to date with the latest version of Windows. But the statistics make it clear that not everyone is upgrading. The other option is simply to upgrade to a more recent version of Windows 10.

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And this, yes, It shouldn’t be so complicated, at least on paper. Although there will be people who have their reasons to continue in the 21H2 edition, it would be advisable to update Windows 10 to its latest version and thus slow down the final moment of the end that will eventually arrive. They say from Microsoft that, if once June 11 passes there are people who contact them, the solutions they will give them will be exactly the same: update Windows 10 or move to Windows 11.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is issuing a mandatory update process for certain computers running Windows 10 20H2 or later. Thanks to that will receive the Windows 10 22H2 update and they will be able to continue using the operating system without fear until the end of this version also arrives, after which the only thing left to do is move to Windows 11. Mainly, the users who will receive this automatic update will be individuals or those on unmanaged professional computers.

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However, among the community there are various symptoms that continue to cloud the current situation that Windows is going through. There is exhaustion and little interest among so many updates and obstacles that, in a way, seem to have little reading beyond the message that Microsoft transmits most: you have to update to Windows 11 to avoid short-term problems.

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