The reason not to use your Android TV account on a hotel Smart TV, although Google is looking for a solution

cropped get the most out of your tv with android tv with these tricks.webp
cropped get the most out of your tv with android tv with these tricks.webp

Google is updating Android TV to fix a bug that poses a serious privacy problem for emails.

Android TV continues to evolve with new features to offer a better user experience , but now a vulnerability in the service has been discovered that endangers access to Gmail emails. Given how common it is to use this account to enter it on the Android TV of a hotel’s Smart TV, it is unknown how easy it is to access the user’s emails.

Apps or platforms always face the possibility that there is a vulnerability that has not been patched with an update or simply no one had discovered it . This is exactly what happens with Android TV so that by installing an app from the Play Store, access to emails is very simple.


Google is already working on the solution to block users from accessing emails from accounts logged in on some Android TV units. And it doesn’t just stop at accessing Gmail, but accessing through the Google account on Android TV, preloaded on many of the Smart TVs or decoders from operators in Spain, allows you to enter other services associated with the account. user.

These services are those that are linked to the user’s Google account on Android TV. Luckily, not all of the technology giant’s apps are available on its platform, but Chrome, and even if it is not in the Play Store, installing it in some way through its APK allows access to Gmail, Drive and other services .


It can be seen perfectly in a demonstration made by YouTuber Cameron Gray . The YouTuber downloads an app called TV bro, a third-party app that behaves like a web browser for Android TV, which allows access to the Chrome APK download in a web repository. He installs it and the path to access Gmail is simply there.

The peculiar thing, according to The Verge through 404 Media , is that this video was shared with Google by Senator Ron Wyden’s office and at first their response was that it is expected behavior and not a serious security flaw. When pressed, Google is already looking for a solution to fix the vulnerability.

The most appropriate solution would be to use another Google account to log in to the hotel’s Smart TV with Android TV and designate it as a family member so that it is added as a Google Family member. This way you would have access to YouTube and other services.


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