An AI as a faithful companion? Netflix will release a new movie that will cause controversy

an ai as a faithful companion netflix will release a new movie that will cause controversy
an ai as a faithful companion netflix will release a new movie that will cause controversy

Netflix has put all its machinery in motion to continue flooding its immense catalog with hits. This time, he has launched a new film that will raise controversy about how Artificial Intelligence is part of our world and whether we should trust it or avoid it completely. Her new bet brings with it the protagonism of an actress who was somewhat missing, but who has proposed making amends with this new science fiction film that points out ways.

In this world full of technological advances and new creations, we have no choice but to adapt if we want to be part of the digital age. Many times movies have tried to capture what the future of humanity would be like, but in truth reality has always surpassed fiction. For this reason, Artificial Intelligence is the latest revolutionary tool that has come into our lives so that we can start using them and live with them.

This is the debate that Netflix wants to reopen with the arrival of its new feature film, which will captivate the most fans of the action and science fiction genre, but will also cause the division between two groups regarding those who are in favor of AIs. feel at home and those who prefer to avoid them at all costs.

Netflix puts you to the test: should you trust AI or not?

Many times when they talk to us about Artificial Intelligence, either our heads are filled with total rejection, or we conceive it as something positive and advantageous for our daily lives. This is what the big N wants to propose with its new production, whose trailer was announced yesterday.

Atlas  is an adventure, action and science fiction film starring Jennifer López , in which a brilliant data analyst, Atlas Sepherd, must trust a robot controlled by an AI to save her life. The premise is not bad at all, but we must add that this scientist has a terrible distrust of these intelligences, precisely because one of them, Harlan, was created to help humanity, but in truth she almost wiped out all traces of it.

This new project is directed by Brad Peyton , who is already a veteran in this type of devastating films full of natural disasters, such as San Andrés or Project Rampage .

Will he be able to convince the Netflix audience and achieve resounding success? If we look back, Jennifer López did not manage to convince viewers with Mother , since she ended up passing through the grill without pain or glory. However, it is a good opportunity to show that the actress and singer is still strong enough to fool her fans again.

Netflix’s ideas in future productions with AI

In case you didn’t already know, Netflix is ​​in the process of launching new projects made through generative AI of images and videos. In fact, it has already begun to test this technology in one of its most viewed documentaries worldwide and which now occupies the top 10 in the ranking, What Jennifer Did ( What did Jennifer do?, in Spain). Thus, the company has come to use images converted with AI that the user has barely noticed.

There is no doubt that this form of image conversion is here to stay, but it also opens up the debate as to whether it should be abused or not recommended in this type of environment.

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