Using WhatsApp to watch movies and listen to music with friends will be possible with this new function

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using whatsapp to watch movies and listen to music with.webp.webp.webp

On WhatsApp you can make calls and share your mobile screen during a call, but something that is not possible today is also sharing the mobile audio during a call. It will arrive soon, thus opening the way for let’s share music or watch videos with people from a distance through WhatsApp video calls.

WhatsApp is preparing to share audio when sharing screen during a call something that although it may seem trivial, will allow us to use video calls to, for example, listen to music in the company of another person from a distance, watch movies or series or make presentations that require audio.

Listen to music with friends on WhatsApp

For a few months now, we can use WhatsApp to share our mobile screen during a video call. By doing so, the other person will continue to see our camera (if we have it active), in addition to see what is shown on our mobile.

Which It was not retransmitted when sharing the screen is the audio, maintaining the microphone audio but without the device audio being heard. That is, if you are sharing a presentation that includes audio, the audio will not be heard by the other people on the video call.

This is about to change, as WhatsApp is preparing to also share the audio. From WaBetaInfo They have had access to an explanatory screen where the news is indicated and in which WhatsApp highlights that it can be used to “listen to videos and music together.”

The novelty is simply that when sharing the screen on WhatsApp, audio will also be shared from your mobile, which means that if you open an application like Spotify and play a song, the rest of the people in the video call will be able to hear it. The same applies if you play a video (without DRM, otherwise it will not be transmitted).


In practice this means that we can use WhatsApp to listen to music or watch videos remotely with our friends, as well as other possibilities such as making presentations or offering technical support in a problem in which listening to the audio is important. It’s one more small step to turn WhatsApp into a Zoom alternativesomething that seems to be a priority in recent months.

WaBetaInfo has found clues to this change in both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS, although it is still we don’t know when it will be activated officially for users. Meanwhile, screen sharing will continue to only share the screen and not the audio.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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