Google makes it easier to organize our files in the cloud: Drive is preparing to get categories on Android

google makes it easier to organize our files in the.webp.webp.webp
google makes it easier to organize our files in the.webp.webp.webp

The Google service where we host our files, that is, Google Drive, continues to evolve with cool features like the new document scanning tool. On the other hand, it has had some problems, see the case of the documents that are shown in the search engine.

Recently, the Mountain View firm conveyed calm with the spam that is reaching the cloud of many users. Now, as we read in Android Authority, you will gain a new skill– organize our files into different categories.

A Google Drive with categories

When it comes to organizing that large drawer that can become our cloud, we have several options. We can use folders, the most logical and natural thing, although the different views of Google Drive also make it easier to locate our files.

However, a new code in the app found by TheSPAndroid suggests that there will be an even simpler way: it is “Categories”, a function that would come with 12 of these predefined. Between these, the following have been sighted:

  • Car
  • Banking
  • Bills
  • Start
  • ID
  • Insurance
  • Doctor
  • Pets
  • School
  • Taxes
  • For example, if we upload electricity bills, we can link them to categories such as “Expenses”, “Home”, and “Bills”, making it easier to find them again.

    This new function will be activated from the “More options” menu (the three dots icon that appears next to the files), where we will see the “Manage categories” option. At the moment, it looks like it will land at Android and iOS mobile apps although it will also come to the desktop version (on the web).

    Yes indeed, it is unknown when it will happen since these types of functions are seen in advance

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