Chrome for Android skips multitasking with this new hidden feature

chrome for android skips multitasking with this new hidden feature.webp.webp.webp
chrome for android skips multitasking with this new hidden feature.webp.webp.webp

Chrome is the most used browser on Android, although this dominant position does not exempt it from keep moving forward with updates that recently gave you a new home screen, and others that will give you single-use permissions.

Now, as we read in Android Police, a new function now available – but hidden – gains that will allow us use PiP mode to minimize it without having to go through recent apps or the app drawer. We tell you what condition must be met and how to activate it.

Chrome embraces PiP mode in Custom Tabs

Multitasking on Android has been a reality for a long time, and Chrome has brought good news in this regard when it enabled PiP mode for videos. Meanwhile, Google continues testing new features in your operating system like Android 14’s new drag and drop feature.

Minimizing chrome custom tabs using Picture-in-Picture

This functionality in chrome has been hidden behind a flag and doesn’t seem to enabled by default. You can enable it with #cct-minimized flag. This is available in stable version of chrome as well#Chrome #Android #Google

— AssembleDebug (@AssembleDebug) December 18, 2023

But it is the search giant’s web browser that receives a new feature to improve switching between applications. And now it will allow it by promoting, at the same time, other applications, reaching the Custom Tabs. This may not sound familiar to you, but we’ll clarify it in an instant: these “custom tabs” are an alternative to the system WebView. That is, they allow you to view web pages without having to load a full browser, useful for app developers.

Therefore, Chrome for Android embraces PiP mode in Custom Tabs, a feature spotted by the expert (in gutting apps) AssembleDebug. According to the user, the popular browser has added a button to quickly minimize these tabs in a floating window.

Apparently, it was added by Google in Chrome 121, an update that arrived on the channel in October Canary. We already have it available in the stable branch as well, specifically in 120 that is in distribution in the Play Store. Although, we must activate it to take advantage of it, since by default it is disabled.

To do this, we will have to enter the flags (hidden features) of Chrome as follows:

  • Enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar (without the quotes)
  • In the search engine flagsenter “cct-minimized”.
  • Change to “Enabled” the function “Allow Custom Tabs to be minimized“.
  • Restart Chrome and the change will have been applied.

Thus, it will be possible to minimize this type of viewer and use any other application simultaneously. Furthermore, it has been added to these Custom Tabs It is more comfortable since include Chrome sync featuresbetter for the user.

It is worth mentioning that until now, Chrome only allowed us to minimize it when we are watching a video, but with this it goes one step further. Of course, curiously we will not see the content, but rather we will be shown a site title and URL preview.

More and more people browse from their mobile phones and this small change will provide a little more versatility to the most used browser. We remain attentive to any useful changes and additions that Chrome receives, to continue making the most of it, and of course, to tell you about it.

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