You can now open PKPASS files with Google Wallet

you can now open pkpass files with google wallet.webp.webp.webp
you can now open pkpass files with google wallet.webp.webp.webp

Before Google Wallet existed, Apple created the PKPASS format in its digital wallet as an easy way to add all types of cards. Over time, PKPASS files have become a kind of standard for boarding passes (and COVID passports), to the frustration of those who have an Android phone, since there is no pre-installed application to open them: you need to go to Google Play.

Now, Google Wallet finally allows us to import PKPASS filesin an extremely simple way and thus giving up, in a way, in its efforts to bet on a different way that really is not very practical either for those who issue the cards or those who add them to their mobile phones.

Google surrenders to Apple’s PKPASS

Google Wallet is beginning to enable its users the possibility of import PKPASS files from Apple to add to the portfolio. It’s one of the most requested features of Google Wallet and it arrives just in time for the summer holidays.

A PKPASS file is nothing more than a ZIP with everything necessary to generate the ticket or the loyalty card (images, JSON files and so on). It’s a standard created by Apple and not an open standard, although over time it has become a de facto standard, as there simply were not many other ways to do the same thing.

Google chose a different route with Google Wallet. Google Wallet passes are not files, but rather the developers they must use the appropriate API and are offered to users as a link (usually with the Add to Google Wallet button) that can be embedded in a website, application, email, SMS or similar. It’s just more complicated than necessary, so many services still offer to create a PKPASS file with our loyalty/boarding/other card, but not a link to add to Google Wallet.

Boarding card

Now we finally have good news about it. You will not need to install any additional applications: Google Wallet can open PKPASS files usually. That is, if you tap on one that has arrived, for example, by mail, you will be suggested to open it with Google Wallet.

Importing to Google Wallet is very simple and barely requires you to click Continuereview the data and finally press Add. Passes added through a PKPASS file may not behave the same as those added through Google Wallet, so if a service offers you both options, it is still recommended that you use its own option. For example, passes are added as private and therefore cannot be shared with others or used to personalize Google services.


Otherwise, with this simple process you will have your pass or boarding pass in your Google Wallet pass list, with its logo, name and all the information associated with it, including its possible QR or barcode. Come on, just like what you would have in an iPhone wallet, but on Android. It was time.

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