WhatsApp rectifies and lets us swipe again to change tabs

whatsapp rectifies and lets us swipe again to change tabs.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp rectifies and lets us swipe again to change tabs.webp.webp.webp

Do you remember when WhatsApp had tabs at the top? Although a few still maintain this interface, WhatsApp has been shifting to an Android design similar to that of the iPhone since last year, with the tabs in a lower navigation bar. By the way we lost the option to swipe sideways to change the WhatsApp section.

He’s back. The application is now activating the option to slide between the different tabs, thus being able Easily switch between Chats, News, Communities and Calls, without having to press each button. Same as before, only with the tabs down on the bottom button panel, instead of up.

Swipe between tabs again

Previously, WhatsApp used tabs in its navigation. The official Material Design specifications for tabs state that you can move from one to the other with the gesture of sliding sideways. Last year, WhatsApp He changed his eyelashes for a lower button panel and along the way it was no longer possible to swipe to change between sections.


The change is not a whim: Material Design recommendations expressly ask that you “avoid using lateral movements to transition between views.” Until now WhatsApp obeyed these instructions and the only way to switch between Chats and Calls was to press each one of them, but now the application rebels against Material You and lets us change sections with a gesture again.

That is, we can swipe left or right to switch between Chats, News, Communities either Callssomething that had to be requested enough by users that Meta engineers decided to go back and recover it.

This change It is currently being activated for users, so it could still take a while to reach your mobile, especially if you do not use the beta version of WhatsApp. Until it does, you will have to keep pressing each button.


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