Google tells you where Santa Claus is with Santa Tracker: interactive stories, mini-games and more for the little ones at home

google tells you where santa claus is with santa tracker.webp.webp.webp
google tells you where santa claus is with santa tracker.webp.webp.webp
Every Christmas, Google usually launches an application – which for a few years has been a website – with which follow Santa’s route. This way, we can know where he is at all times, making the endless wait until he leaves the gifts under the tree easier.

This year it is presented again with entertainment content for the little ones at home, who live these dates with great enthusiasm. Everything is ready and there is little left for you to begin your journey.

Various games and a countdown: Santa Claus is on his way

If you have followed Google’s web application every year, you will know what we are talking about. If not, we will tell you everything. Santa Tracker was a mobile application that ended up staying on the web, but that did not mean it lost interest. It is a collection of mini-games and activities several for children waiting for the passage of this popular character.

Santa Tracker

As soon as we access, we will see the central plaza where a button stands out that will allow us to play various mini-games: first of all we must complete the descent of a penguin until we reach Santa’s elves, getting points in the form of gifts.

As we scroll to the bottom, we will come across three fun videos that show us what the life of the charismatic character is like, while fulfilling a certain educational function on aspects of technology: the secure use of passwords, for example.

Not only does it include this, but we are also provided with interactive activities. One in which we will take a selfie of Santa Claus, but not before grooming him a little; another in which we will design a custom elf and a last interactive story in which we will discover the story of ‘Oli under the sea’.

And if that was not enough, there are more minigames with which to spend some time entertained, and the star dish: a ‘battle royale‘ of snowballs in which, as it could not be otherwise, we must hit our opponents to survive and get the highest score possible. From the “hamburger” menu (the one with the three horizontal lines) we access the complete list of games.

Google does not forget about children on these special dates for them and brings together a series of recreational resources that we can enjoy both from a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. The website adapts to the screen of the device that views it, so it will not be an impediment. To enter, just follow this link.

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