A new EU rule will force sellers to repair your device without warranty

a new eu rule will force sellers to repair your device without warranty
a new eu rule will force sellers to repair your device without warranty

The guarantee policy of companies located within the member countries of the European Union is about to take a 180 degree turn. In this way, the legislation works in favor of the consumer to offer more warranty time in the event that their products have ended the official two-year period covered. Therefore, European organizations have set to work to detail what the process of this new law will be like.

The EU has put its fist on the table to implement the new rule that will allow all consumers to obtain an extra year of warranty when they take their mobile phone to be repaired once the time established by the manufacturer has expired. which in this case is usually a minimum of two years. But not only in mobile phones, but also in any type of product, whether household appliances, smart televisions, or technological gadgets.

This was emphasized after the message that companies “are still obliged to repair common household products”, demanding that there will be substantial changes in the repair of products. In addition, not only has it been revealed that affected users will get an extra year of warranty, but they will also receive another series of benefits .

A new European guarantee law that goes further

The EU rules are going to give a lot to talk about and at this point we will summarize all the steps that it wants to integrate as soon as possible so that these laws become official in all nations registered in the European regime.

One of the most notable aspects is that repairs must be made with original and brand new parts. It will be useless to use 3D printers or second-hand components by repair shops, nor to refuse to repair one of their products for economic reasons or the use of expensive resources. Not even if it was repaired by a third party years ago.

In this regard, the EU refers to companies, such as Apple , which at first was totally opposed to the bill, as it will restrict the so-called pairing of used parts, which consists of providing information about their tools so that customers can repair them. those products in other stores. Finally, the mobile manufacturer will expand its repair options so that independent providers can use them in their repairs.

Likewise, if the repair were not free, the rule stipulates that stores must offer flexibility in the amounts and not exceed them so that customers can have access to a “reasonable price” , at the same time that they will be prevented from “using contractual clauses”. , hardware or software techniques that hinder repairs.

When will the European regulations come into force?

The right to repair devices is still in process. The Council and the EU Official Journal are expected to give the go-ahead sooner rather than later. Afterwards, member countries will have two years to adopt the law .

Finally, it should be stressed that the coalition applauded the new rules and described them as “a step in the right direction.” But he also pointed out that this guarantee should also be extended to other products, not just consumer products, nor the meaning of establishing a reasonable price for repairs from independent suppliers, since there is no clear guidance, leaving the way open to the companies that decide how much to charge.

Although there are still some unknowns, the truth is that it is a great step in favor of the consumer. We’ll see how it resolves over the next few months.

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