Premieres coming to Apple TV+ in July 2023: all series and movies

Premieres coming to Apple TV+ in July 2023: all series and movies
premieres coming to apple tv+ in july 2023: all series

The precisions that it has are already known AppleTV+ in what has to do with the premieres of series and movies for the month of July 2023. As usual on the platform of the bitten apple company, quality prevails over number. The fact is that this is what we believe you should keep in mind in the event that you have an account with the service.

What we are more than sure you should not miss is the arrival of the second season of the series Foundation (July 14 is on the platform). In it, a plot full of intrigue, action and tension is what you are going to discover. More than a century after the shocking events that marked the end of the first installment, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the history of the galaxy.

The Cleons, the imperial family that has ruled for generations, are facing their inevitable collapse. Into this chaos, a vengeful queen emerges with a Machiavellian plan to dismantle the empire from within. His thirst for power and revenge threatens to plunge the entire galaxy into chaos and destruction. Meanwhile, Hari, Gaal and Salvor continue their fight for survival and the search for the truth. On their journey, they make an astonishing discovery: a hidden colony of Mentalics, individuals with exceptional psionic abilities.

As always, the finish is flawless and, the truth is that it is a creation that hooks you irremediably and that you should not miss.

Other premieres on Apple TV + in July 2023

To continue with the series, the other news that comes to Apple TV + is the second installment of The Afterparty. Opening on July 12, viewers will witness a wedding that quickly turns into tragedy when the groom is the victim of a shocking murder.

The charismatic detective Danner returns to take the reins of the investigation. Together with her allies, Aniq and Zoƫ, she embarks on a mission to unravel the mystery behind this heinous crime. To do so, they plunge into an intriguing maze of secrets and lies, where every family member, star-crossed lover, and business partner has a potential motive for murder. What makes this season truly unique is the way the story is presented to us. As the protagonist interrogates each suspect, we are transported through their stories and perspectives.

Finally, the Apple TV + platform has a movie as its premiere in July 2023: Beanie fever. This is a captivating story that immerses us in the fascinating journey of Ty Warner, a toy salesman whose destiny would take an unexpected turn thanks to a transformative collaboration with three visionary women.

He longed to find success and innovation in a saturated market. It was then that she joined this trio of entrepreneurs, whose creative spirit and unique vision fueled a master idea that would transform the toy industry forever. What started as a simple idea turned into an unprecedented toy craze, capturing the imagination and hearts of people of all ages around the world.

The film, full of extravagance and wit, immerses us in a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, as we deeply explore the question of what and who we value in our society. Its good pace and finish help make it a really interesting option to enjoy.

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