You can now create and publish statuses from WhatsApp Web

you can now create and publish statuses from whatsapp web.webp.webp.webp
you can now create and publish statuses from whatsapp web.webp.webp.webp

Using WhatsApp on the main mobile phone is not the same as using a linked version, as is the case with another mobile phone in companion mode, WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web. A limitation of these minor versions is that you couldn’t post statuses with themsomething that has now finally been abolished.

After the mobile application in companion mode did the samenow it’s WhatsApp Web’s turn add the function to post statuses, without having to use our main mobile phone for it. Thus, we can publish statuses from a photo or text from the WhatsApp website. It is not yet possible to create the new audio states.

Post statuses from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has improved a lot since it was initially launched as the only additional way to chat with WhatsApp apart from our phone, at that time with a synchronized mode that required us to keep our mobile on and connected to the Internet.

Then came the new multi-device mode by which the linked versions work independently (that is, you can turn off the mobile), although they still had certain limitations of features that were not available, such as creating a new state.


With WhatsApp Web you could see the statuses published by your friends or even by yourself (with your mobile), but not publish a new status. This is now active for users from the button state (the circle with a halo formed by three arcs), by pressing the + button.

When doing so we will have to choose between creating a state from photos and videos that we have on our PC or writing a text. Writing text works practically the same as in WhatsApp for mobile, being able to choose between different background colors and fonts.


When creating a status from a photo we can choose between decorate it with emojis, stickers or text, doodle crop or censor parts of the image.

The system works well, although it has the “difficulty” that the resulting state will be created vertically with the typical aspect ratio for viewing on mobile, while in WhatsApp Web normally (depending on the size of the browser window), we will see the preview horizontally.

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