20 keyboard shortcuts to use WhatsApp Web and desktop applications like a pro

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802679873 236989771 1200x630.jpg

WhatsApp Web has some unique features that the Android app doesn’t, and its keyboard shortcuts are a good example.


Gone are the years in which to use WhatsApp it was mandatory to use a mobile phone (or pay). At the moment The popular application has been opening up to more general forms of use and can currently be used on watches, tablets and even computers.

WhatsApp Web is the version that allows the service to run in any compatible browser, regardless of the device it runs on. Of course, it is not exactly the same as smartphone applications, for better and worse. The web version has some features, such as creating stickers and keyboard shortcuts.

The latter allow the use of the interface practically without using the mouse, which can be very useful in high productivity scenarios or for advanced users who do not want to have to move around by scrolling the cursor. Furthermore, even for normal users there are some practical commands that can be integrated into everyday life.

Currently there 20 functional commands in WhatsApp web, which allow you to navigate, organize and write in the different chats that are open. You can even open new ones directly without using the mouse.

If you prefer to use a desktop application it is also possible to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. They are somewhat different, shorter, but equally useful. It varies depending on whether the operating system is MacOS or Windows. In the event that it is the latter, these are the 17 shortcuts:

If we use WhatsApp as an application On Apple computers the commands are very similar. In many cases, although not all, it is changing Ctrl to Cmd. This is the complete list of the 20 shortcuts for Mac.

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