With a 26% discount on Amazon and more than 300 reviews, this Smart TV is a sure hit

with a 26% discount on amazon and more than 300 reviews, this smart tv is a sure hit
with a 26% discount on amazon and more than 300 reviews, this smart tv is a sure hit

Within the smart television sector we find a wide variety of models, with all kinds of features and functions. However, we rarely come across bargains like the one we present to you today.

When we consider purchasing a new Smart TV, we have to consider a large number of aspects: from the price to the dimensions of the screen. Going through some added services, such as compatibility with Alexa or Google, or screen resolution. Luckily, thanks to offers like the one we found today on Amazon, choosing the best option is easier than ever.

This 40-inch Toshiba has almost 350 reviews and an average rating of 4.3. Demonstrating the good performance that it has previously offered to all users who have opted for it in the e-commerce giant. In addition, it is now reduced by 26%, meaning it can be ours for 199 euros . An excellent offer if we take into account that it usually has a price of 269.99 euros. We tell you all the details.

The best resolution

When we buy a new television for our home, paying attention to the resolution is essential. Since the experience that we will be able to obtain when it comes to enjoying all our favorite series and movies will depend on it. In this case, this Toshiba offers us a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), more than enough to not lose detail in any of the titles in which we find ourselves immersed. In addition, if that were not enough, it also has HDR technology. Which allows us to optimize the chromatic contrast, darkening the blacks and increasing the brightness of the whites.

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Toshiba also wants to offer us great versatility in terms of connectivity. For this reason, it has incorporated two HDMI ports and a USB port . In addition to Bluetooth connection. The objective is to be able to connect any peripheral in which we are interested in order to make the most of the opportunities it offers us. Becoming a more than interesting option with which to enjoy like never before any device that we want to connect.

A cinema audio

In addition to all of the above, we must also take into account that it offers us Dolby audio processing that ensures an excellent sound experience. In this way, regardless of the content we are enjoying, we will always have every guarantee that we will be able to enjoy the best sound effects like never before.

In addition, we cannot forget that it offers us a wide variety of streaming applications. So we will only have to download them and enter our credentials. Next, we can continue with our usual playback, without having to depend on any external accessory, such as a Chromecast.

As we have seen, this 40-inch Toshiba offers us an excellent relationship between quality and price. Guaranteeing us a more than excellent user experience to be able to enjoy our favorite content like never before. In addition, today we will be able to find it reduced by 26%, reaching a price of 199 euros . One of the best sales we have seen lately and with which we will be able to enjoy like never before.

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