Amazon goes all out: the latest version of its smart speaker drops in price by 46%

amazon goes all out the latest version of its smart speaker drops in price by 46%
amazon goes all out the latest version of its smart speaker drops in price by 46%

The 5th generation Echo Dot is a knockdown price on Amazon. One of the best digital assistants that we can find on the market and turn our home into a smarter space.

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most complete smart speakers that we can currently find on the market. With it, we can manage our music, request the start of a timer or even control the lighting in our home or the operation of the connected fans, for example. Over the last few years, Amazon has been updating this speaker, adding new features and improvements to enhance the experience it offers its users. Currently, the most updated version is the 5th generation. And this is the one that Amazon has just reduced in its catalog by 46%: dropping its price from 64.99 euros to the current 34.99 euros . We tell you some of its main new features.

Minimum space, all functionalities

This 5th Generation Echo Dot is perfect for any home. Amazon has taken into account everything that has to do with design, looking for a device that would be able to adapt to any home and decorative style. And, to do this, it has created an Echo Dot capable of fitting perfectly into any scenario. With an elegant but informal design, which we can also find in different colors, providing extra versatility.

However, the design has not been the only thing that has been worked on. This fifth generation has the best possible audio quality, with much clearer voices and more intense bass. In this way, we will be able to ask Alexa to play music, any podcast or our favorite audiobooks and enjoy the best lossless audio quality.

Control your home with your voice

Controlling our home using our voice commands seemed like something from the future. However, with this Echo Dot we can do it obtaining a more than excellent result. We will be able to link our lighting system, thermostat or any other compatible device. In addition, we can also establish different routines that will adapt, for example, depending on the temperature detected inside our home. All with a completely refined experience.

Furthermore, all of the above is achieved by ensuring our maximum privacy at all times. Amazon is aware that everything related to privacy plays an increasingly important role. And for this reason, this Echo Dot has been designed with multiple layers of privacy protection and control. It also includes a physical button that allows you to electronically deactivate the microphones. In this way, we can be more than calm in everything that has to do with this aspect.

Today, and as we have already anticipated, Amazon has reduced this 5th generation Echo Dot by 46%. An offer that you cannot miss, since you can get  one of the best smart speakers on the market for 34.99 euros . Whose normal price is 64.99 euros. A unique opportunity to turn your home into a much smarter space.

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