Your watch now speaks: Amazfit gets ahead of Google with its new AI system

your watch now speaks spanish amazfit gets ahead of google with its new ai system
your watch now speaks spanish amazfit gets ahead of google with its new ai system

Amazfit has announced the arrival in Spain of Zepp OS 3.5, the latest version of the operating system for smart watches.


If we are looking for a good smart watch, the market right now is divided into three large systems; You may know Google’s Wear OS and Apple’s watchOS, but there’s a third rival that surpasses them in many ways: Zepp OS .

That name may not sound familiar to you, but if we say that it is the Amazfit watch system , things will surely change. Amazfit has managed to carve out a niche in this competitive market, following its own path; and that has given it important advantages.


Amazfit watches have many of the same features as Wear OS watches, but with much lower battery consumption and therefore longer life. And with the latest launch, Amazfit also wants to catch up in functionality, getting ahead of Google with a system with integrated AI .

Amazfit makes the leap to AI

Zepp OS 3.5 claims to be the first operating system for wearables with fully integrated Artificial Intelligence. While it’s obviously not the first to offer access to that technology, it’s ahead of Wear OS 5, which is expected to have features based on Gemini and other Google AI projects.


Zepp Flow is the name of the AI ​​developed by Amazfit, and as expected, it focuses on offering access to the watch’s functions and helping us keep track of our health and exercises. Like other generative AIs, it is based on a large language model (LLM) that is capable of listening to user commands and understanding them better than a conventional voice assistant.


It is thanks to this that Amazfit watches will be able to maintain natural conversations with the user; The use of this technology is already noticeable in some of the apps developed by Amazfit. For example, with the integration with Zepp Coach it is able to give us answers and training advice, and with Zepp Aura it explains how to improve our sleep and rest. The objective, says the company, is for it to be something similar to obtaining information from a trainer or an expert on the subject.

Zepp Flow focuses on offering easy access to all watch functions; from putting an appointment on the calendar to asking what the weather will be this afternoon. As expected, the functions related to exercise and health are notable ; we can ask what our current rhythm is, or how long our REM sleep lasted.

With the latest updates, Zepp Flow is even able to reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch , in addition to checking training plans in Zepp Coach and physical and mental recovery score in Readiness.

The first watch from the brand to receive Zepp OS 3.5 with Zepp Flow in Spanish is the Amazfit Balance ; but the company states that it will also be available for the rest of the range in the coming weeks and months. Specifically, the update is expected to reach the Cheetah, Falcon and T-Rex Ultra at the end of May, and the Amazfit Active at the end of June.


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