Amazon discounts this smart projector for a “cinema” experience at home

amazon discounts this smart projector for a cinema experience at home
amazon discounts this smart projector for a cinema experience at home

The largest ecommerce platform in the world, Amazon , lowers the price of one of its star projectors . In this post, we explain in depth all the features of the product and, if you want to take advantage of the offer, you will only have to activate the coupon.

WiMiUS is a renowned brand of projectors, with models adapted to all budgets. On Amazon, its products are very well received, as is the case of the WiMiUS K9 , with 4.8 stars out of 5 in its reviews.

Said smart projector sells for 389 euros. However, users can get it for 299 euros if they apply the 90 euro coupon offered by the e-commerce store.


Netflix, Prime Video and much more

The WiMiUS K9 model comes with the integrated Linux operating system , with more than 7,000 applications suitable to enjoy on the projector. Thanks to this, it is possible to enjoy streaming platforms without having to use a TV Stick.

Some of the popular video programs that are available are Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Max or Plex.

Those who buy this smart projector will also be able to connect to their Android or iPhone mobile, tablet or computer via WiFi (supports up to WiFi6 ). In addition, it has Bluetooth 5.2 , to link it to the speakers, to amplify the sound; or to wireless headphones, so as not to disturb while watching a series.

Those who prefer to connect the device by cable will have several outputs: RJ45, HDMI1.4*2, USB*2 and Audio . With these ports, it is possible to connect U Disk, TV Box, PlayStation 5, laptops and DVD Player, among other things.


What is its image and sound quality?

Although there are other projectors at a lower price that also allow you to connect to the aforementioned streaming platforms, the most affordable ones are the ones that offer the worst quality. In the case of the WiMiUS K9, it offers better quality for the average user (although there are still superior models).

This smart projector is equipped with 2X20W HiFi stereo speakers. In addition, it has support for Dolby Audio technology , which provides 360-degree stereo surround sound to those contents that enjoy this technology.

Likewise, WiMiUS K9 integrates advanced optical sealing technology. Thanks to this, the company guarantees blocking the entry of dust, which minimizes the spread of noise.

For its part, the image quality provides a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels ( Full HD ), and supports 4K content. Its manufacturer also promises a wide variety of bright colors.

To provide a more stable image, the brand has increased the refresh rate to 60 Hz . According to its developers, this has allowed WiMiUS K9 to eliminate flickering and image vibration while watching movies, or even playing video games.

The best of all is that all of this can be enjoyed for 90 euros less than what it normally costs on Amazon. (Remember to apply the coupon)

All the functions to enjoy the cinema at home

To ensure that its customers enjoy a “theater” experience at home, WiMiUS has changed the traditional four-sided autofocus to a six-sided ( 6D ) autofocus. This promises “smarter, more precise and faster focusing, even when the projected image is slightly tilted.”


In short, the smart projector has automatic keystone correction . This way, users won’t have to worry about manually adjusting the image to look like a rectangle. It will be the device itself that will do it.

It also has a zoom function . With this option, it is possible to enlarge the images that are projected to see even the smallest detail.

Everything mentioned and much more is available for less than 300 euros on Amazon, as long as you check the discount coupon box. So if you were considering buying a projector, this offer may be the signal you were waiting for to take the step.


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