The new Chromecast feature is really useful and works even while watching a series or movie

the new chromecast feature is really useful and works even.jpg
the new chromecast feature is really useful and works even.jpg

Chromecast Google TV

Now that almost everything is streamed, it seems essential to have a Smart TV to enjoy all the available content. Although not all current televisions have Internet access, there are a series of devices that will allow you to convert your TV into a Smart TV. This is the case of Google’s Chromecast, for example. A device that connects to the HDMI of your TV and with which you can see all the content that you can access from your mobile phone.



The Google Chromecast with Google TV is one of the most practical and versatile devices you can have at home and now it has a very interesting novelty: it will notify you if you receive a call while your phone is in silent mode.

Call notification on TV

If you are watching a movie or a series, you may have your mobile phone on silent to avoid interruptions or not have to keep up with so many notifications. This can mean that, if you receive an important call, you do not see it and cannot answer it. We move on from the phone while watching something but maybe let’s get an important call we’re missing and that requires our attention. Therefore, now the Chromecast with Google TV will start showing you the calls received on TV while you watch something, without having to look at your mobile phone to check them.

The function was discovered months ago by user Mishaal Rahman, as reported by Android Authority, but now It seems that it will reach more devices and that it will begin to be available to everyone progressively. As Rahman shows in a tweet published in the last few hours, the Chromecast screen shows a new function where you see notifications of incoming calls. According to this user, would be compatible with Google Meet but also with other similar applications as long as we have them linked to the device connected to the television.

Twitter user image

Mishaal Rahman


The Chromecast with Google TV (4K) seems to be getting a new feature that lets you receive incoming call notifications from select apps on your TV. Google Meet seems to be one app that’ll support this feature.

I previously spotted hints of this feature in the Android TV 14 beta,…

January 17, 2024 • 11:02




The function still does not appear on all models and we have verified that it is not for all users but it will arrive little by little as they are updated to the next version and it will be a matter of time before we can use it.

Does it work with normal calls?

No, the Chromecast function would be limited to the calls you receive through voice apps like Meet and other compatible applications. For now we do not know which ones will be compatible with this system but we will have to have them installed.

The device is not connected to your phone at any time unless you want to send content, so it will not detect if someone calls you using the conventional route but rather if they are doing so through this tool or other similar ones.

Chromecast design with Google TV and remote

An interesting function if you use this type of application and it will gradually reach all devices to notify us if they call us while we are immersed in a movie or series on the couch and our phone is silent. In addition, it can be a way for them to contact you urgently if your phone is turned off since they will know that Google Meet will show it to you on the Chromecast when you’re not paying attention and someone urgently needs to talk to you for any reason.



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