Amazon reduces the Chromecast with Google TV 4K within its spring offers

amazon reduces the chromecast with google tv 4k within its spring offers
amazon reduces the chromecast with google tv 4k within its spring offers

Amazon’s Spring campaign offers continue in style. In case you were waiting for a good discount on the Chromecast with Google TV 4K, we can tell you that the device is now available with an offer. Keep in mind that these sales will end soon and it is difficult to know when there will be another opportunity like this to buy the terminal.

The Chromecast is one of the fundamental devices when it comes to turning any television into a Smart TV. With it you have the possibility of enjoying all types of content, applications and multimedia options for a maximum quality experience. As you surely know, it is the main contender for Amazon’s Fire TV, so it is very interesting that it is also discounted in this offer campaign. Its 19% discount makes buying it an ideal occasion.

All your apps unified

The technology that a Chromecast with Google TV offers you is varied and has many virtues. But among all its possibilities there is one that you are going to enjoy in style: the combination of streaming services and apps that it carries out. And why is it such a good thing? Because it prevents us, once and for all, from having to go from application to application to explore what we can see.

Instead, the device unifies the content of all applications on the main screen, thus facilitating very easy control of our streaming subscriptions. This is not the only option of this type, so you can easily understand why the Chromecast is a recommended terminal even for those people who already have a Smart TV. For example, with its use you can also benefit from full access to the Google voice assistant.

That way you can do voice-only searches or even tell Google that you want it to recommend a movie to watch. The assistant will be able to assimilate the content you have viewed and thus make better recommendations based on your own preferences. And if you don’t want to use your voice, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Chromecast remote control, making it easier for you to also enjoy a good experience.

Control of your smart home

Apart from playing series, movies and other multimedia content, using the Chromecast gives you more opportunities. For example, you can make your television the main control point of your smart home . Thus, if you have surveillance cameras, a connected thermostat or other Smart elements, such as lights, you will be able to control all of this in a very simple way without having to get up from the couch.


The discount on the Chromecast with Google TV 4K on Amazon is 19% and you should keep in mind that the lower power model does not have a discount at this time. What you can do is choose the color in which you want this 4K version, being available in options such as white or blue. In all cases the price you are going to pay is the same: only 57 euros .

However, the Chromecast may not be your first choice if you are considering this type of device. Therefore, we can’t help but recommend that you take a look at the Fire TVs , which are receiving a lot of attention in Amazon’s spring sales campaign. Thus, you will find the Fire TV Stick 4K at the price of 38.99 euros , with which you will enjoy maximum power, or if you prefer a cheaper model, your ideal option will be the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite .


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