If Chromecast is slow, this is my definitive trick to solve it

if chromecast is slow, this is my definitive trick to solve it
if chromecast is slow, this is my definitive trick to solve it

Using a Chromecast device is common. Millions of these terminals have been sold around the world and it is one of the best ways to give your television Smart capability. But, sometimes, we may find that Chromecast is slow . There are different solutions, but I always apply what I consider my definitive trick and I get the speed to improve. Now I share it with you.

Since the change from DTT to the HD signal occurred, many users have resorted to a Chromecast device to be able to continue watching television. It is not surprising that the sale of these terminals increased drastically in recent months, since it is, without a doubt, one of the best options. Therefore, it is possible that you have recently released it and still do not know all its secrets .

This always works for me

Something that always bothers me when using the Chromecast is that there are some applications that work better than others. And, when I mean that the device is slow, it is usually something that specifically affects a series of apps. For one reason or another, such as perhaps being less optimized or encountering some type of problem, these apps are the ones that slow down the Chromecast user experience.

Therefore, what I do is concentrate the solution on those apps . Let’s say that, for example, the application of a streaming platform works slowly. The logo stays loading for too long, the thumbnails of the movies or series load at snail speed or perhaps even the playback has problems. This is not something new, but luckily, this solution always works.

What I do is attack the cache of the application in question. If you delete it, you will notice that your Chromecast works at its ideal speed again. The bad news is that, over time, depending on the volume of use you make of the app, you will have to delete the cache again so that it does not happen again. Therefore, this is a bit of a bothersome solution. But if you have encountered this problem, it is the only thing you can do until the app is updated and the performance problems you are having are resolved.

Clear cache step by step

And how to do it? First you have to access the device’s Settings menu. Then go to the menu dedicated to applications and look for the app that corresponds to the service that is slow for you. When you do this you will see a selection of options corresponding to the app, but among all of them, the one that interests you is the one to clear cache . The moment you click, the system will ask you if you are sure what you want to do. Therefore, now click on accept and wait for the cache to be cleared. From that moment on, as I said, the application will work quickly again.

And yes, as I said, you have to clear the cache application by application and you will even have to repeat the process when it malfunctions again. It will probably take a few days for this to happen, although it will also depend on the amount of time you use the same app. In any case, try to see if this method solves your problem.

If even then Chromecast is still slow, what you can do is resort to other solutions . You have different options ranging from putting the router closer to your Chromecast to updating the device, restarting it or even resetting the factory settings. Some of these solutions may be inconvenient or too radical, such as a factory reset, so think about deleting the cache before doing so.


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