There is a mobile phone for a while with the Pixel 8: Google accompanies the new update policy with its original spare parts

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1704366321 840 560.jpeg

A mobile phone that has been updated for almost a decade is of no use if it suffers deterioration, but this will not be the case with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

It seems that the wish of many users has been fulfilled: a mobile that lasts for many years, updated at the software level and with spare parts in case of breakdowns. Google launched the Pixel 8 family with an ace up its sleeve, extending Android support up to seven years.

However, this would not make much sense if the phone in question suffers some damage, or simply degrades its components over time. Google has realized this, and they already distribute the replacement parts so you can repair it yourself at home.

We can now repair the Pixel 8 with its original spare parts

The mobile phone industry has changed in the last decade: from removable batteries we have moved to mobile phones that cannot be disassembled, at least easily. Of course, in recent years, some secondary actors such as the European Union are trying hard to ensure that we can repair our phones at home. They have achieved something, because there is already manufacturers involved who distribute spare parts and guides to do so.

Pixel 8 Pro Ifixit Camera Kit
Image from iFixit

The previous generation of Pixels, the Pixel 7, received this same news at the beginning of last year, and now their successors are going down the same path. As we read in Android Police, Google and iFixit have teamed up again, this time to sell the components of both models.

It is true that the hermetic construction of current mobile phones gives us advantages such as resistance to the entry of dust and water (commonly nicknamed by the acronym ‘IPXX’) but they are usually quite fragile to bumps and falls. None of them are saved, and although we can send the mobile phone to technical service there are users who prefer to do it at home.

Now, owners of a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro They will be able to do it simply by acquiring the parts that their mobile phones need. And precisely with this family it seems more important, due to the issue of updates that we have mentioned. In fact, these parts should be available until next 2030.

What are the prices of these components? We have examples such as screens, which cost 160 dollars and 230 dollars for the base model and the ‘Pro’ respectively. On the other hand, buying a battery will entail an outlay of $43. We will not only be able to acquire the components, but also the tools necessary for the repair.

From Ars Technica they report that the camera lenses are sold individually, instead of distributed in kits (as we have seen in Samsung phones). The bad news comes from the USB-C port side: It is soldered to the plateso it cannot be replaced.

In short, Google and iFixit have responded to the long software support of the Pixel 8 family. Thus, in the event that we suffer a breakdown or wear and tear, we can repair our mobile at home, and without paying for labor. These types of movements are always appreciated, especially for the advantage of having official spare parts.


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