Android Auto 11.8 is here with Google Maps as the main novelty

android auto 11.8 is here with google maps as the main novelty
android auto 11.8 is here with google maps as the main novelty

Android Auto once again receives a new update. This time, with a stable version for all users, without going through the usual beta to debug errors. A move that was already carried out to present the previous update. We tell you all the details that you can enjoy right now.

Google had accustomed all of us users to publishing beta versions of Android Auto that, once their stability and functionality were verified, became stable versions available to all users. However, both during version 11.7 and the current 11.8, the North American company seems to have changed its usual work philosophy, directly presenting public versions so that end users can start downloading it to their devices directly.

Just a few hours ago, Android 11.8 has been available on our terminals to be updated, offering us interesting improvements in terms of performance and some new features that demonstrate how Google remains focused on continuing to improve the possibilities that this system offers us. We tell you all the details.

Shortcuts in Google Maps

Google does not issue press releases when it updates Android Auto, so we cannot know all its new features until the community tests the new versions and all the details are discovered. In version 11.8, the main change has come from Google Maps. Specifically, in the shortcuts both to go to work and to go home from the search bar itself. To do this, obviously, we must have previously registered both locations in our Google profile. We can do the same both from our mobile phone and through the desktop version and it will automatically synchronize between the rest of our devices associated with the same account.

Until now, both locations appeared among search suggestions based on our history. However, now they are included in a prominent location, very similar to the experience that Google Maps offers on mobile devices when we go to search for any address.

Fixes to previous issues

Beyond the above, no new features are reported that will change the way we interact with our device. So everything seems to indicate that it is a version focused on providing greater stability to the system and correcting some problems that had been detected in recent days and that were causing significant problems among its users, such as the incompatibility that showed WhatsApp with Android Auto. When the user wanted to send a message using his voice commands, the message was never sent. After analyzing the problem, the definitive solution was to update the app on our Android device to the latest available version.

In order to update Android Auto , we must go to the Play Store and check the latest available updates. In the event that no notification appears, it is possible that Google has opted for a deployment in several phases until all users are reached, so it will be available in the next few hours. However, if we want to force the update, we can always go to options such as APK Mirror, or any other similar trusted site, to be able to force the update by downloading the latest version manually.

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