The revolution that comes to Samsung phones: One UI 6.1 is leaked, the version that is inspired by the Pixel 8 Pro

the revolution that comes to samsung phones one ui 6.1 is leaked, the version that is inspired by the pixel 8 pro
the revolution that comes to samsung phones one ui 6.1 is leaked, the version that is inspired by the pixel 8 pro

Many of the new features that One UI 6.1, the new version of the system for Samsung mobile phones, will bring are based on AI.

The launch of the new Galaxy S24 range is very close, after Samsung has decided to bring it forward compared to previous years. One of the motivations behind this advance is the fear that Samsung will fall too far behind its main rivals, the iPhone and the Google Pixel; With the S24, Samsung wants to convince users that it is not worth changing brands.

To achieve this, the S24 will bring new features in both ‘hardware’ and, especially, ‘software’, with a new version of its One UI layer. Although One UI 6.0 is still reaching current Samsung phones , the company is already preparing a new version that will be installed by default on the Galaxy S24 and that will really take advantage of its features.


And One UI 6.1 will bring many of the new features that will make the S24 attractive, including the new Artificial Intelligence functions . Samsung has already registered the S24 as the “AI mobile” , and now we know how it intends to do it.

This will be One UI 6.1

Over the past weekend, Benit Bruhner at X has been publishing leaks of the new One UI 6.1 that will be released with the Galaxy S24 range; and many of the features he has shown are similar to those already available with the Pixel 8 Pro, and others even surpass them. In other words, generative Artificial Intelligence will be very important .



For example, one of the most curious functions of One UI 6.1 will be a wallpaper generator , which will create images based on user commands. In addition to generating images from a sentence, it seems that it will also be possible to modify elements of the image, such as the weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy) and apply the changes directly. Additionally, the generated background can be a static image, or it can be animated by AI.

Samsung will also offer its own alternative to the magical Google Photos editor. Using AI, Samsung phones will be able to move elements of a photo and fill the space they occupied in a realistic way. In addition, you will be able to enlarge a photo beyond its borders , which can be very useful for realigning our images. Another very interesting feature will be in Samsung Notes, which will be able to automatically format blocks of text to make them easier to read.

Other AI functions are the evolution of features that Samsung has already been offering for some time in some countries, such as the answering machine. The most striking novelty is that the mobile phone will be able to translate phone calls in real time , to be able to understand the other interlocutor if they speak in a language that we do not understand, and vice versa. Voices will also be clearer thanks to the function that eliminates background noise.

In short, Samsung can surprise with the S24 thanks to these One UI 6.1 updates, and if they are exclusive to these new phones that use processors adapted for AI, they may be a good reason to change phones.


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