Your next car could be connected to your home with the latest from Samsung, Hyundai and Tesla

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822678120 238910500 1706x960.jpg

Samsung partners with Hyundai to make the car and home appliances connected and able to control each other.


Cars are getting smarter. Companies like AMD are already working with some manufacturers to give them greater potential in terms of smart features, and now Samsung and Hyundai have also teamed up to make smart cars go further in terms of connecting to the home.

The most visible result of this alliance will be that it will be possible to control some features of Kia and Hyundai cars remotely, and these in turn will be able to communicate with home automation to, for example, activate an appliance when the user is close to arriving. to home.

Communication will be carried out through SmartThings, Samsung’s platform to automate smart devices and which is present on all its mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it is most likely that the Samsung SmartThings Station will come into play in this device management. On the other hand, the Korean company has also announced a collaboration with Tesla.

Car and home, connected

Both companies will work together to develop cross-functions between the car and the home, something that can be very useful in homes where there is a strong presence of home automation. Hyundai is also working with Samsung sub-brand Harman to launch functionality that allows hardware and software updates in vehicles.

Among the functions available to control the car, you will find the possibility of turning the car on or off remotely, controlling the smart air conditioning, opening and closing the windows or checking the car’s charge level, among others. While, on the other hand, from the car you can also control home appliances to, for example, turn on the heating just before arriving home.


Furthermore, if you have an integrated charging service in your home, it will be possible to see how much each connected device consumes, as well as see the car’s charge level, and even adapt the charging power to the time when it is cheapest. , taking into account factors such as the price of electricity per hour.

The synergies with Tesla electric cars will be different, since they will integrate the brand’s apps into SmartThings, so that they can control Elon Musk brand devices, such as the Powerwall home battery, the Solar Inverter, or the Wall Connector charging solutions. All these devices can also be seen in the Samsung app, as well as the alerts they send to the mobile phone, since they can notify the user of different events.