The six unknown gestures to control Samsung phones like a master

the six unknown gestures to control samsung phones like a master
the six unknown gestures to control samsung phones like a master

Samsung phones have several gestures that make it easy to take image captures, turn the screen on or off, and much more.

Samsung, one of the companies that sells the most mobile phones in Spain , has been one of the few brands that has not given in and has kept its graphic interface on top of Android at all times . The company was clear that it did not want to dilute its image with other companies, and it has marked its design line since the first Galaxy S was presented.

This has allowed it to implement its own functions, among which the S-Pen of the Galaxy S Ultra stands out, for example. But there are many more things that Samsung has developed to be specific to its mobile phones. Among them are the system gestures .

And no, we are not referring to the navigation gestures that can replace the virtual buttons on the screen, but to other gestures that are used to perform certain tasks, such as turning on the screen, taking a screenshot of it or even muting a call. It is easy to activate them and can be done independently.

Control gestures

These gestures can be activated one by one in Settings. To do this you have to go to the Mobile Settings section and look for Advanced Features there . Within that section there is another called Movements and Gestures , which gives access to the six control

The first is Lift to wake, which allows the mobile screen to turn on when you pick it up . It is especially useful if you have face unlock active, because then you do not have to press the power button for recognition to begin. The second is a different way to turn on the screen, by double-clicking on an empty area on the desktop or on the lock screen. The same can be done to turn off the screen, activating the third setting .


The fourth gesture is the one that activates a vibration on the mobile when it is picked up and there is a missed call or an unread SMS that we have missed. In this way, the device itself warns even if it has not been unlocked. It is also possible to control incoming calls to silence them simply by turning the mobile phone face down if it is face up on the table, or by passing your hand in front of it, detecting the sensors that we have made that gesture.

Lastly, there is the screenshot g this . It is done by passing the edge of the hand, vertically, from one side to the other. This is the one that causes the most problems and sometimes it is not done well, but when you get the hang of it it is an easy way to take a screenshot.


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