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Google Chrome in the Canary version already consumes less RAM in Windows 10 2004 by taking advantage of the SegmentLeap function

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Everyone who uses Chrome complains about excessive RAM consumption of Google browser And the truth is that above all when using several tabs at the same time, Chrome’s gluttony in terms of memory consumption can be scandalous. It is not a bug as such, it is rather a poor optimization.

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And it seems that with the arrival of Chromium-based Edge, Google is charging the batteries of its knowing browser that it has a fairly strong competitor that can also use its own weapons. And that’s what Google does to benefit from a feature called “SegmentLeap”, an improvement that allows a reduction in the consumption of the browser by up to 27%. An improvement that is already applied to Google Chrome in Windows 10 2004.

A reduction of up to 1/3

Chrome Copy

SegmentLeap is a new feature that Edge benefits from and allows you to redefine in real-time only what the user is seeing on the screen, instead of loading everything at once. This allows significantly reduce RAM consumption by the applications.

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This improvement could be taken advantage of since Windows 10 2004 but only with UWP applications, but now, it can be applied to any Win32 application and among them is Google Chrome. Something that has been confirmed by Bruce Dawson, developer of Chrome, on the Chromium blog.

Microsoft announced that Edge was already benefiting from this improvement. To see the difference you must download Chrome Canary in version 85.0.4182.0. Available at this link, the development version of Chrome already contains dynamic storage management improvements.

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If you dare and decide to try Chrome Canary, you should also know that you can do it without fear, because installs as a separate browser and you can continue to use Chrome regularly with the stable version that you already have installed. For its part, the stable version will not receive the SegmentLeap function until it finishes compiling a version with the Windows 10 Build 19041.0 SDK.

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