Much more resistant and clearer. This is the Corning Gorilla Armor glass that covers the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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1705671987 840 560.jpeg

We review the benefits of the glass that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has, made by Corning in conjunction with the Korean manufacturer


The Samsung Galaxy S24 family is already among us. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra in the first Unpacked of the recently begun 2024. They have amazed by their Technical specificationsbut even more so Galaxy AIthe deployment of functions based on Artificial Intelligence from the Korean manufacturer in alliance with Google.

However, a small but important detail has gone more unnoticed than it should. We are talking about the screen of the most premium model, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, or rather the protective glass that surrounds it. Courtesy of Corning, Gorilla Armor is a revolution. We tell you the reasons.

A premium mobile deserves a glass to match

For the moment, the Corning Gorilla Armor glass remains exclusively for the most premium model of the latest exponents of the Korean manufacturer. And it makes a lot of sense: the firm assures that It is the strongest glass ever created.

Corning Gorilla Glass Armor

It must be something quite different, since Samsung itself boasts about it, explaining that its durability is greater than the alternatives by 50%. As if that were not enough, scratches are not a problem either, being four times more resistant compared to Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Although Corning solutions usually emphasize and highlight resistance to bumps and scratches, on this occasion It also dazzles with its clarity. What does this mean? That the Gorilla Armor manages to reduce reflection by up to 75%, which provides a mobile phone with a more visible screen in any circumstance.

These innovations have required the creation of a new laboratory, where Corning has worked closely with the Galaxy manufacturer. For now, it has not been determined whether it will continue exclusively for the flagship, or on the contrary it will reach devices from other manufacturers.

On the official Corning website, we will see the effort put by the brand to manufacture the Gorilla Armor, in several videos they have published. One of these shows resistance to falls, in a curious test which includes machines for testing of this caliber. The second shows us what the test that measures resistance to scratches and scratches is like, called Scratch Bot. In the test, it ranks alongside other commercial alternatives, standing out greatly.

Definitely, Corning has managed to live up to it of a launch as important as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and all the technology it incorporates makes it totally different, if you can afford its price, of course.