Xiaomi announces a new small Smart appliance that will revolutionize your kitchen

xiaomi announces a new small smart appliance that will revolutionize.jpg
xiaomi announces a new small smart appliance that will revolutionize.jpg

Xiaomi Small Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker Appliance

Xiaomi continues to help users get their homes are fully connected. This time it presents a small appliance that will make the kitchen smarter and, at the same time, provide you with great convenience.

If we take a look at the latest devices and equipment that Xiaomi has launched, we can clearly see that the Chinese manufacturer has no limits. It no longer only manufactures Smart TV or mobile phones, but it is taking its technology to all fronts so that we can trust its brand when buying any type of appliance we need. Now they have a new addition called Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker.

It’s an 8 in 1

The good news is that, unlike other devices, this small appliance that will give your kitchen a breath of fresh air, is scheduled for international release. We can deduce this by seeing that the product has appeared on the brand’s global website, so we assume that, sooner or later, we will have the opportunity to purchase it.

A small Smart 8 in 1 appliance from Xiaomi



What we see at first glance may seem like it is just a simple state-of-the-art rice cooker, but in reality it is something more similar to a complete kitchen robot. The eight functions it incorporates They are a good demonstration that it will be versatile enough so that we can cook a large selection of dishes inside. And, as we now tell you, it is Smart, so you will be able to cook using your mobile phone and perform many other actions by connecting with its application.

Simple and smart interface

From what we can see, it will function as a rice cooker, something obvious considering that it is the type of small appliance that all Asian families have in their home, but also provides other functions. It is possible to cook pasta and many recipes through a system that, according to Xiaomi, will only consist of pressing a single button. However, the app, from what we can see, provides a large number of options. So, for example, when the food has finished preparing, we will have the opportunity to use the application with the intention of telling the machine to keep it warm.

Xiaomi app to use your Smart appliance on your mobile

As Xiaomi says, we can put the ingredients in the machine in the morning, leave it cooking and then make sure that, when we get home, the food is ready and at a good temperature. When talking about preparing rice, the Xiaomi 8 in 1 makes sure to give it a good aroma, to ensure that it does not stick and that its texture ends up being perfect. In addition, you can control the temperature at all times to know that there will be no risk of the food burning.

Its capacity is 3 liters, which allows you to prepare enough food for between two and six people. For a family, it provides a spacious volume, since ten servings of rice can be obtained at a rate of between 200 and 250 grams per person. No less important, Xiaomi places special emphasis on how easy it is to clean it when we have finished using it and how the buttons, which are placed in a very comfortable upper position, are simplified to cooking is not difficult. Even so, the use of the buttons can be combined, as we said, with the Xiaomi Home mobile application.

Touching the buttons of the Xiaomi 8 in 1 Smart for the kitchen

in the app We will also find recipe ideas, advice and all kinds of support content that could come in handy when making a decision about what to eat or dinner. The usual accessories for this type of kitchen tools are also included so that, from the first moment, you can start preparing dishes. In any case, there is still missing data that has not been revealed and that will help us better understand what this Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker can provide in users’ homes. We assume that as its launch gets closer, we will get to know more about the machine.



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