Google looks to the future of Pixels with a chip that changes the rules of the game: test the self-made Tensor G5

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The Mountain View company would be beginning tests of the future Tensor G5, its first fully customized processor independent of Samsung technology


With the arrival of the family Pixel 6 In 2021, Google debuted its own processors, the Google Tensor. The first generation did not surprise with its power, in fact, neither the second nor the third, seen in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 it has done.

The work behind a custom chip entails development time, so smartphone firms plan each step well in advance, hence in this case Google’s plans for its phones until 2025 were leaked. Be that as it may, now we know that the Tensor G5 has entered testing grounds confirming previous rumors that stated that it will be the first self-made.

A Tensor G5 for the Pixel 10 with more personality than ever

As we read in Android Central, a specialized media that echoes the information from Economic Daily, the Mountain View company has delivered a “self-developed” Tensor chip to KYEC in Taiwan. With this, he intends get ahead of the tests of your first fully customized chip.

The latest Google chip (available) is the Tensor G3, present in the Pixel 8 family
The latest Google chip (available) is the Tensor G3, present in the Pixel 8 family

KYEC is a Taiwanese company engaged in wafer probing, final product testing and assembly services for the semiconductor supply chain. Apparently, the company has refused to comment on how the development in collaboration with Google is going, however, close sources claim that the technology giant has purchased the necessary machinery to prepare.

Of course, the tests are not expected to begin now, but rather in “the middle of this year.” On the other hand, the source points to a great relevance of Artificial Intelligence in this chipwhich is not surprising given the latest movements of the American firm.

It has not been specifically said that the chip is the Tensor G5, but it is most likely. Last summer we learned that Google was going to distance itself from Samsung Semiconductors (until now the one that manufactures its processors) in favor of TSMC, in order to make the leap to a completely customized processor. The code name for this chip would be “Laguna”, it would be manufactured in a 3 nanometer process and would be released in 2025.

Although Samsung makes the manufacturing task easier for Google, separating from the Korean company would give it full authority in its own line of chips. Efficiency and performance improvements are expected for the future Tensor of 2025, especially because it would not depend on Samsung’s Exynos base, traditionally behind Qualcomm.

All of this will come and take on more importance next year. Currently, Google is still working on the G4 tensioner, which will extend the Samsung-Google alliance and will result in a 4-nanometer processor. It will not be much different from the Tensor G3, with “slight” improvements for the Pixel 9. Although, who knows, because the Exy nos 2400 of the Galaxy S24 boasts of performance.

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