Beats Pill, is the wireless speaker making a comeback? The volume of the rumors goes up

Production of the Beats Pill +, unveiled in October 2015, was quietly discontinued by Apple in January after six and a half years of honored career. And now, a few months later, we learn that Cupertino’s move is probably not accidental. And that should not mark the end of an era, but perhaps a generational break, the transition from an outdated version of the product to another, similar but updated.

Beats, in fact, has published a short video titled “Stüssy” starring a man dancing e what appears to all intents and purposes a Beats Pill + speaker, with its characteristic elongated shape – a pill, in fact. We don’t know if it’s one new generation of the speakerbut it certainly appears decorated with an unprecedented personalization.

As for the title, although it may sound more cryptic than the video itself, it’s actually easy to read. In fact, Stüssy is a clothing brand linked to the Southern California surfing scene, from which it originated astride the waves and the 80s and 90s. It is therefore easy to understand that this is the umpteenth collaboration of Beats with a fashion brand for the creation of special editions of its products.


It remains to be understood, as we anticipated, if the successor of Beats Pill + is coming, or just a particular version of it.: since the production of the iconic wireless speaker was discontinued at the beginning of the year, the hypothesis of a new generation seems to be gaining height and volume.

Of course, if that were the case we should assume that the news would be mainly hardware, given that aesthetically it seems that the Apple brand did not want to touch the recognizable shapes of Beats Pill + (which you can appreciate in the image above).

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All that remains is to stay tuned to the Beats frequencies to find out more: now the play button has been pressed, and the company has moved directly, so we can expect updates in the short term.