My Citizen Folder keeps improving: its latest update saves you many hours fighting with the administration

One of the best applications to access administration services has been updated with a good number of new features: My Citizen Folder opens access to download the registration certificate from the INE and also allows you to set calendar alarms. And other new features, it saves a lot of work and effort in the most common procedures.

Making an application at the town hall, or going to Social Security, was never a quick process, often not easy either. With the opening of these administrations to the web, many queues became faster; although it is often still difficult to obtain an appointment or a piece of paper, even after repeated calls to the customer service number. That is why the effort of put everything in one app, My Citizen Folder. It is not perfect, but little by little it is climbing positions.

My Citizen Folder now allows you to download the registry data

Register My Citizen Folder
Steps to download the registration certificate from My Citizen Folder

As we said, it is not perfect, it probably never will be given the immense volume of procedures there are, but it does represent a great improvement when it comes to accessing the most common services. Consulting the latest jobs and work life is a matter of a few clicks, for example, also accessing the literal birth certificate. These are documents that are often requested very frequently, also the town hall register. And it is no longer necessary to go to said town hall to request it.

With the latest version of My Citizen Folder, which is already ready for download on both Google Play and the App Store, you can download the registration data from the National Institute of Statistics. Not only that, also you can add it to your iPhone wallet, since it allows downloading in Passbook format; that you can convert to Google Wallet quite simply. Please note that this proof could be out of date if you communicated a change to your local council. Besides, Only said town hall can issue certifications or registration flyers: If you need it as a justification, you will have no choice but to move.

Apart from the registry data, My Citizen Folder has received the following news:

  • You can consult the history of municipalities where you have lived. This option is found under “Housing”, just like the proof of registration.
  • If you are a high-level athlete, now you can check this condition. This new access is in “Personal and family situation”.
  • The registry is available in any European language. All you have to do is select that language before downloading the receipt.
  • My Citizen Folder allows you to customize calendar alarms. Go to the settings tab and go to “Notification settings”. You can choose all the ways in which the application will notify you of upcoming appointments.
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To receive all the news, just go to your application store and click update. And we recommend that you keep an eye on everything that My Citizen Folder adds: we find it to be a really useful application.

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