This is my trick to continue saving the WhatsApp backup on Google without using up the space on my main account

this is my trick to continue saving the whatsapp backup.webp.webp.webp
this is my trick to continue saving the whatsapp backup.webp.webp.webp

This month of December has brought with it a momentous change for those of us who use WhatsApp: the end of unlimited backup copies on Google, which means that those chats, photos, videos and other material that we want to keep safe now take up space. , a problem whether the backup is of a considerable size or if our Google account is free and we do not have extra storage. Although we always have the option of freeing up space on WhatsApp, for me this change in backup storage has not caused any drama for me thanks to this trick.

When you already consider that your WhatsApp has what you want to save and no more (on a personal basis, I usually carry out good cleaning practices on my phones and their respective apps), I am not willing to pay for Google storage and deactivate the copy security is not an option, the best thing you can do is simply use another Google account to save your WhatsApp backup.

This trick is easy, fast and costs no money, so for me it is the best option available. On an Android phone, having a Google account set up is essential for tasks as basic as downloading applications from the Play Store or using Google Photos. But don’t panic: we will keep our main Google account for our purposes like Gmail and we will have another secondary account for WhatsApp backup, so we will have up to 15GB more to store our things.

How to create a second Google account and configure it for WhatsApp backup

To create a Google account you don’t even need to open the browser: in ‘Settings‘ > ‘Passwords and accounts‘, we play on ‘Add Account‘ and then we select ‘Google‘. At that moment the interface to log in to Google will appear and, if you look closely, in the upper area there is a blue message of ‘Create Account‘, just what interests us.


Now the procedure will be as always: enter our data, choose an address and password and confirm the process. When finished, on your Android phone there will be two Google accounts available for your use (assuming you only had one before).

The main account is still present and configured for everything else, but you need to change the WhatsApp settings so that backups are saved to the new account.

We open WhatsApp and tap on the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, following the route ‘Settings‘ > ‘Chats‘ > ‘Backup‘.


In the available options, we enter ‘Google account‘ to verify that the account that appears intended to save the backup is our original account, but if we enter we will see that in the menu that appears is the new account created for this mission. We will only have to select it, tap on ‘Allow‘ and that’s it, upon confirming the operation the WhatsApp backup will be saved there, freeing up space on our main Google account.

The process does not end here: the thing is to get rid of the remains of the WhatsApp copies (which take up space and which in fact can be critical if it is already scarce) by going to the Google Drive website and by tapping on settings (the gear icon), on ‘Manage applications‘, locate WhatsApp and in ‘Options‘ > ‘Disconnect from Drive‘.

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