The day has arrived: the copy of WhatsApp already takes up my Google space and so you can see if it is also your case

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the day has arrived the copy of whatsapp already takes.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp warned me last month that I was soon going to run out of the unlimited backup deal on Google and the day has already arrived. Now, the backup of my WhatsApp I am already deducted from Google storage. Almost 1 GB less for my photos, emails or Google Drive files.

Google has begun to eliminate the unlimited copy of WhatsApp and the truth is that you may not even have realized because nothing is indicated in WhatsApp and seeing it in Google applications is a bit hidden, although we will tell you how.

My WhatsApp backup is not unlimited

There are phased deployments that I am looking forward to being activated and they never arrive and there are others that I would like to never arrive and have already arrived, as is the case of the end of unlimited WhatsApp backup to Google Drive. WhatsApp and Google notified us that the matter would change for everyone at the beginning of the year.

Until now, the WhatsApp backup that we kept in Google Drive It was not deducted from the total space (15 GB standard on free accounts) an agreement between both companies from 2018. On iOS, iCloud copies always took up space.

After the warning, I have been attentive to see when the prophecy would be fulfilled and the day has finally arrived, although I had to pay close attention to find out. To find out, you need to open Google Drive and, in the side panel, enter Storage.


The bar that shows the distribution of storage space includes a mysterious Others which, in my case, contains three elements and takes up 2.24 GB. My backup copy occupies 789 MB, as I have been able to verify by entering Chats > Backup in the app, so it’s not exactly this figure. To see the exact breakdown it is necessary to click Free up space.

Now, Google Drive shows me the entire Other breakdown, which actually included Phone Backup (barely 1MB), Google Drive, and simply “Other.” This “Others” is the WhatsApp backup and it fits exactly with the figure that WhatsApp provides me.

That is, the WhatsApp backup is already taking up space, something that is evident because If I open the Google One storage management website In a browser, it suggests that free up space by deleting WhatsApp items.


This WhatsApp button links to, an address that only opens correctly in WhatsApp if you click on it from a WhatsApp chat. As expected, it takes you to the section Storage management by WhatsApp.

From here you can See which photos and videos take up the most WhatsApp storage space (and therefore also your backup and your Google account), to delete them. Remember, however, that what you delete here will also be deleted from your chats and not just from the backup.

Now that what you receive on WhatsApp takes up space on Google, if you use the backup, it is more important than ever choose what you want to save and what not and maybe do cleaning from time to time of photos or videos that no longer interest you.


Also you can choose other strategies such as doing without the WhatsApp backup (something dangerous, if you lose your phone or it breaks), or creating a new Google account just for the backup. New accounts include 15 GB of free storage.

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