Wireless Android Auto works poorly on Samsung phones and works again on Xiaomi phones, with one condition

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wireless android auto works poorly on samsung phones and works.webp.webp.webp

One of lime and another of sand. Several users are reporting on the Android Auto support page that the system It does not work well if we connect wirelessly with a Samsung mobilea recurring error that we also knew in the past affected Pixel phones.

On the other hand, “good news” for those who had similar problems with a Xiaomi mobile, with special importance in the quotes. Google claims that the error has already been fixed, but to fix it you will need to update to Android 14, something that is currently within reach of a handful of Xiaomi phones.

Android Auto and Samsung: bad

Something is happening with Android Auto that the latest updates are bringing to light some more connectivity problems than desirable. In the list of known Android Auto bugs maintained by Google, two similar problems are mentioned: Wireless connectivity issues since December update and Wireless connection problems on Samsung phones with Android 14.

The first of them includes reports from users with several Pixel phones that cannot use Android Auto wirelessly, while the second is specific to Samsung phones. The problem is the same: Android Auto only works with cable on Samsung phones with One UI 6.0 with Android 14.

Google is investigating the bug, so for now there is no solution beyond using wired Android Auto. Several users mention that everything was working correctly until they updated their phones to One UI 6.0 based on Android 14.

Android Auto and Xiaomi: better, with conditions

On the other hand we have the case of Xiaomi, also related to wireless connectivity. In this case, the error is something more specific: When the mobile phone lost coverage, Android Auto was disconnected.

Google has marked this issue as fixed, after the Xiaomi team implemented a fix. The problem is that The fix requires you to update your Xiaomi mobile to Android 14, something that is still within the reach of a few. MIUI 14 is based on Android 13 in most cases, so this requirement basically requires you to have the new HyperOSwhich is still available on a handful of mobile phones.

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