Microsoft forgets about the iPhone with Copilot, but you can use this ChatGPT in two of its apps

microsoft forgets about the iphone with copilot but you can.webp.webp.webp
microsoft forgets about the iphone with copilot but you can.webp.webp.webp

The differences between Android and iOS are more than obvious, both systems have been at odds since the beginning. Even so, They got closer until they “stealed” functions from each other.; Apart from the fact that the important apps are cross-platform. All? No, there are developers who give priority to some of the systems. As with Copilot: The standalone app is only on Androidbut the service can be used on the iPhone.

With 2023 about to leave us through the back door, there is no technological topic that has attracted more attention than Generative AI. And Microsoft is one of the companies that has put the most effort into it: after a billion-dollar investment in Open AIended up bringing ChatGPT to a good part of their products: from the web browser to the Windows one. And Copilot is the proper name that dominates PCs; with the intention of doing the same with Android, which already has an exclusive app for that system.

Despite not having an exclusive app, Microsoft includes Copilot in several iPhone applications

Just as happened with Bing Chat, which ended up invading a large part of Microsoft’s services for individuals, Copilot is colonizing a good part of the portfolio, also in the professional aspect. Bing makes use of ChatGPT, as does Copilot itself (or the ChatGPT app, which is available on both Android and iPhone). Even so, said Copilot provides some advantage; as have all content generation within one site, including song creation. Although Microsoft surely plans to convert Bing Chat into Copilot, they still maintain the differentiation.

Copilot is not available as a standalone app for iPhone or iPad, but Said Copilot does appear embedded in other Microsoft apps. Just by that name, Copilot, not Bing Chat; even though, in essence, they do the same thing and are converging towards a single brand.

If you want to use Copilot on your iPhone (or iPad) you can install any of the following applications. Of course, you get added services, which does not have to be an advantage, especially with the extra weight of the apps.

Microsoft Edge: Copilot built-in

Microsoft Edge

The Chromium-based browser includes Copilot, Microsoft itself makes sure to highlight it in the name of the app. And the interface proposes it this way: includes a shortcut to Copilot in the bottom menuright in the center.

Copilot in Edge has no limitations beyond the fact that some add-ons do not appear, such as create songs with Suno. The rest is completely functional, has no cost and allows you to use the creative mode with the GPT-4 model.

Microsoft Edge

Web browser with Copilot included

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start

As with Edge, the app that brings the Microsoft home screen to Apple devices offers a shortcut in the center for Copilot. The interface is identical to that of Edge and that of the Android application itself, although it has a drawback compared to the previous ones: it does not offer support for plugins. Still.

Apart from being able to chat with ChatGPT, including the GPT-4 modelMicrosoft Start offers news, access to rewards and even all the weather information, including forecasts.

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start Screen with Copilot Built-in

Microsoft will surely soon expand support for the Copilot application by also launching it on iOS devices. While this is happening, you now have two ways to access your generative AI from the iPhone and from the iPad. With GPT-4 included and without having to pay ChatGPT Plus.

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