This is the new Google Clock animation that will wake us up with the weather forecast

this is the new google clock animation that will wake.webp.webp.webp
this is the new google clock animation that will wake.webp.webp.webp

Google continues to outline the different applications that we can find on the Pixel, some downloadable from the Play Store. This year we have received the redesign of Google Weather, which gives the Meteorological forecast of the interface with Material You.

This important change in turn brought a new application of time that is not what we expected. Actually, we did not know the real usefulness but the novelty that comes to the Clock app clears up our doubts. When we turn off the alarm to face a new day, we will see a nice animation that will provide us with the forecast.

The new Weather app was used for this

When we knew that a separate Google Weather app arrived at the Pixel, we hoped to receive the redesign, and that in the process, this information section would be updateable like any other app. It was disappointing in a way, because it was actually a tiny companion app to the watch app.

Because? Well, Google wanted integrate weather forecast directly into the watch app who carry their cell phones. To do this, it was necessary to launch this aforementioned app that we didn’t see any sense in.

Now, Google Clock will show a nice animation when we turn off the alarm. This will make the traditional snooze/stop alarm screen disappear, and will give way to a weather forecast summary. Thus, from the moment we open our eyes, we will know the current weather, useful for planning the day.

What data does this addition provide us? First, it shows the current conditions, with the temperature circled at the top left of the screen. Right after, the animation brings us the conditions expected for the day, with the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Finally, it shows a button with the text “Ok, thanks”, which is used to discard this information and continue using our mobile phone normally. The new interface, including the animation, suits the app really well, generating a greater consistency with Android design lines.

If we look closely, we realize that this design used is similar to what we already see in the configurations of services such as Google Home, or on the initial configuration screen of Google phones.

This addition appears to come from a server-side change, although we will probably need to install the recently arrived Google Weather app. Be that as it may, it is a feature that is part of the update to Android 14 QPR1, so should not take long to spread.


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